March 3, 2009

Remember when

So remember when this used to be a knitting blog? And I made all sorts of cool things and even designed a pattern or two?

Yeah all I’ve got going now is this:
Baby Hat
Basic, stockinette in the round, baby hats out of leftover sock yarn.

This one was knit out of leftover Austermann Step on size 2 needles. I think it’s nice my kid will have aloe in their hat… even if I never regain the mental capacity necessary to finish their sweater.

Edited to add a kitchen/baby update: I am happy to report that there is no longer a stove in my dining room. A pile of boxes and an inch of construction dust, yes, but no stove. So…progress! I’m also happy to report that the baby is still chillin' in the womb. Hopefully that will remain the same until at least next week sometime so we can get a little further with everything… getting down to the wire!


  1. oh my I've been away way too long....just caught up on life in cleveland!

    I can't believe how fast time has flown it seems like it was just yesterday I gizmo was a papaya!

    wow, any time now.

    oh my all the remodeling best to you!!

  2. I know, and you've got all this free time, just sitting around eating bon bons and watching soaps. Slacker.

  3. Very cute!

    It's not like you've been laying about doing nothing! You're growing an entire human being!

  4. so lovely! I'm guessing about 8-10 weeks after gizmo is here you'll be up for finishing that sweater! just enjoy. :)

  5. gizmo's aloe hat turned out adorable! did you follow a pattern? make any changes? i feel like knittin' some bebe hats to have one hand for new bebes but not sure on a pattern. i'm sure i could try using 'the google'...

  6. wait until after the baby's born... knitting will be a mere memory!! :-)

  7. What a cute little hat.

    How is the house? I am almost afraid to ask. :-)

  8. Ditto.. how's the house? And how is mom? Still want the baby in? Or ready to have it out??


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