April 30, 2009


So the baby’s favorite toy is Dexter:
checking each other out
She stares at him and has big reactions any time he looks at her or gets closet to her.

Dexter’s favorite toy is anything that’s hers:
The real use of the boppy
He curls up with the boppy whenever he can and has eaten 2 nipple shields, 3 pacifiers, and a parrot.

I’m just glad they like each other.
checking each other out

April 23, 2009

Happy Birthday to Us!

Right. I wrote this a week ago. And just now have my crap together to blog it. Better late then never!

So today (last Friday) is my 29th and my little girl’s one month birthday. Crazy how quickly time flies! And how different life was on my 28th.

Family Picture
Pic taken before my friend Jill's wedding. The baby is 11 days old.

This month has been bananas. I’ve meant to blog so many times but wow newborns are such a time suck. Either she needs something and I’m on it… or she’s happy baby and I just want to stare at her or play with her. Neither lends itself well to surfing the internets or writing anything more comprehensive than a tweet. So how about I just write a list of stuff I’ve learned?

1.) The only thing more pathetic than a guy with a cold is a newborn with a cold. And I wouldn’t wish being in a house with both on anyone.

2.) The suckybulb aka brain sucker aka I have no idea what the thing is actually called is the best parenting gizmo ever. Throw in some saline drops and even with the worst little sniffles you’re in business.
040309 007
3.) For breastfeeding a dose of sudaphed has much scarier warnings than a half a shot of whiskey. Also hot toddy’s made with special organic mother’s milk tea are delicious. Oh yes they are.

4.) When the umbilical chord falls off (hers did on April 5) it’s supposed to leave behind a gaping flesh wound. And if you call your pediatrician on a Sunday afternoon and ask them “how much puss is too much puss” they will laugh at you.
baby glamour shots
5.) Newborns grow really quickly. She’s already starting to grow out of her 5-8lb size onsies which is a bit sad. Those were the only thing that even remotely fit when we brought her home.

6.) Newborns also develop really quickly. She’s already lifting her head all the way up and turning it from side to side during tummy time. And she coos at her little animals. But the best is that she’s so very VERY close to smiling it’s not even funny. Her face makes the motion and sometimes it’s situational. Like yesterday she was on my lap trying to tell me a story and Dexter came over and put his face in her face. She lit up like Christmas. I swear it was a smile. But I think it’s more involuntary than not. Soon it will be real, though.
Play mat
7.) Everything takes about 5 times longer than it used to. For instance her baptism invites. Still not mailed out. And it’s only a month away (May 17th for all of you friends/family types out there!)

8.) It is possible to survive on less than 6 hours of very broken up sleep over a 48 hour period. Not fun, but possible.
Her first Easter
Us on Easter. I am exactly as tired as I look in this picture, and she was flipping adorable in her little bonnet.

And that’s where I stopped writing. But with babies there’s something new every day so here’s a few more observations from this past week:

1.) It is possible to play Rock Band while nursing.

2.) Trust your instinct is still the best advice I’ve ever received. There was a whole thing that went down where after much research and googling and reading and agony we decided to blatantly ignore the pediatrician and stick with feeding her breastmilk exclusively. For so many reasons that was what seemed to be best for her. And since then she’s gained over a pound in 2 weeks time. She’s now up to 7lbs 15 oz. Exactly where she should be. So the pediatrician who told me to supplement with formula? Can SUCK IT. Boob food rules.
Her first Easter
And finally:

3.) Curry stains look exactly like newborn poop stains.

Aren’t you glad I’m back to the blogging thing?

April 2, 2009

Sleepy morning

Baby has taken all of my blogging time… but since right now my world looks like this:
What's happening right now
What's happening right now
I thought I’d take a second and let everyone know that we’re doing well. I’ve even managed to sneak in a little knitting!
Baby girl sweater
This sweater – just a basic top down raglan cardigan – was going to be my labor knitting but instead it has become my knit while nursing knitting. It’s going slow but at least it’s going!
Baby girl sweater
Oh and just for the record? I’m much more capable of dealing with projectile vomit with a full night’s sleep. Yup. 6 hours. Uninterrupted. So right now the world is a bright, sunshiny, place. Even if it does smell a bit like spitup...
What's happening right now
You know what mom? Just because your camera has a macro feature does not mean you have to use it.

What's happening right now
I agree with the kid.

Also I'm not sure if she's been going for distance or volume but either way I'm impressed. Kid's got mad pukin' skilz.

Speaking of which - If I spend all of my showering time blogging I would seriously regret it so that's all I've got for now...
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