April 23, 2009

Happy Birthday to Us!

Right. I wrote this a week ago. And just now have my crap together to blog it. Better late then never!

So today (last Friday) is my 29th and my little girl’s one month birthday. Crazy how quickly time flies! And how different life was on my 28th.

Family Picture
Pic taken before my friend Jill's wedding. The baby is 11 days old.

This month has been bananas. I’ve meant to blog so many times but wow newborns are such a time suck. Either she needs something and I’m on it… or she’s happy baby and I just want to stare at her or play with her. Neither lends itself well to surfing the internets or writing anything more comprehensive than a tweet. So how about I just write a list of stuff I’ve learned?

1.) The only thing more pathetic than a guy with a cold is a newborn with a cold. And I wouldn’t wish being in a house with both on anyone.

2.) The suckybulb aka brain sucker aka I have no idea what the thing is actually called is the best parenting gizmo ever. Throw in some saline drops and even with the worst little sniffles you’re in business.
040309 007
3.) For breastfeeding a dose of sudaphed has much scarier warnings than a half a shot of whiskey. Also hot toddy’s made with special organic mother’s milk tea are delicious. Oh yes they are.

4.) When the umbilical chord falls off (hers did on April 5) it’s supposed to leave behind a gaping flesh wound. And if you call your pediatrician on a Sunday afternoon and ask them “how much puss is too much puss” they will laugh at you.
baby glamour shots
5.) Newborns grow really quickly. She’s already starting to grow out of her 5-8lb size onsies which is a bit sad. Those were the only thing that even remotely fit when we brought her home.

6.) Newborns also develop really quickly. She’s already lifting her head all the way up and turning it from side to side during tummy time. And she coos at her little animals. But the best is that she’s so very VERY close to smiling it’s not even funny. Her face makes the motion and sometimes it’s situational. Like yesterday she was on my lap trying to tell me a story and Dexter came over and put his face in her face. She lit up like Christmas. I swear it was a smile. But I think it’s more involuntary than not. Soon it will be real, though.
Play mat
7.) Everything takes about 5 times longer than it used to. For instance her baptism invites. Still not mailed out. And it’s only a month away (May 17th for all of you friends/family types out there!)

8.) It is possible to survive on less than 6 hours of very broken up sleep over a 48 hour period. Not fun, but possible.
Her first Easter
Us on Easter. I am exactly as tired as I look in this picture, and she was flipping adorable in her little bonnet.

And that’s where I stopped writing. But with babies there’s something new every day so here’s a few more observations from this past week:

1.) It is possible to play Rock Band while nursing.

2.) Trust your instinct is still the best advice I’ve ever received. There was a whole thing that went down where after much research and googling and reading and agony we decided to blatantly ignore the pediatrician and stick with feeding her breastmilk exclusively. For so many reasons that was what seemed to be best for her. And since then she’s gained over a pound in 2 weeks time. She’s now up to 7lbs 15 oz. Exactly where she should be. So the pediatrician who told me to supplement with formula? Can SUCK IT. Boob food rules.
Her first Easter
And finally:

3.) Curry stains look exactly like newborn poop stains.

Aren’t you glad I’m back to the blogging thing?


  1. glad to see you back!

    i am now following you on twitter.

    I realized that we are the same age today, well technically i am only 28, but only for a few more months!

    baby's are great, and i am glad you are trusting your instincts!

  2. Well look it there!! Happy Birthday to everybody!! :o)

    Luv that you are so frank and honest with your new mommyhood experience!!

    Glad all is good! Keeping going!

  3. yea! welcome back. I've been waiting for an update...
    too cute. boob food rules! curry stains look like poo- ha! I've missed reading reading your blog. more sleep is coming your way soon. I just know it. enjoy that baby girl!

  4. Happy Belated Birthday! You & Baby are looking great! I am glad to see you back with a blog post. Always entertaining. =)

    And also - I'm glad I don't like curry.

  5. Happy Belated! I've been looking for you and an updated on your lovely baby girl. :-) So glad you're keepin' it real.

  6. Happy Belated Birthday wishes! Glad to see you back! Even if it does mean I won't be able to have curry anything for a while.

  7. Anonymous11:51 AM

    She's gorgeous I'm sure you love her more and more every day!

    Happy belated birthday! Hope you had a really special day!

  8. Happy belated birthday! You both look like you are doing well!

  9. She is adorable! Happy belated birthday!

  10. Is it me, or does she look exactly like your hubby in the very last photo!

    You look great! Believe me, the broken sleep WILL end and time will fly by even quicker than it is now.

    Boob food does Rule!

    She's so freaking adorable!

  11. Love that last picture with her hands behind her head! She is just adorable!

  12. She is so sweet! I love the picture with her hands behind her head. My niece just turned 2 and she still sleeps that way!

  13. She is just beautiful, Jeanne, just beautiful!
    I am intrigued to learn that it is possible to play RockBand while nursing. I assume you don't play the drums, but I could be wrong! I will tuck this information in my back pocket.
    Oh, and the spectacular snot sucker? It's an aspirator :).

  14. If you think the first smile is amazing, wait until you hear her first laugh. For me, it was in reaction to "poppin' pals". My son just made a chortling sound, as if he knew all along how to do it. At first I though he was choking, but he looked so happy that it was clear there was no distress.

    Those are great pictures.

  15. I will have to actually check out twitter. Haven't been there yet.

    As for the advice, following your instincts is the best advice. No one will know your child better than you do.

    I know Belle better than everyone including my husband who participates but doesn't really when it comes down to it if that makes sense. I think it is a mom thing.

    Anyway, she is beautiful still. Glad everything is going good so to speak. Sleep will come. Eventually. Thankfully Belle knew at 7 weeks (one week after I had to go back to work) that I wasn't going to make it with nightly interuptions and started sleeping through the night.

    Take care.

  16. Everyone looks great. Happy birthday to you! And to your little one. The last photo is utterly adorable :)

  17. Anonymous3:54 PM

    Happy belated. The pics are adorable.

  18. Happy belated birthday! She is so beautiful. I can't wait for my own!


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