May 30, 2009

Festival Weekend

So last weekend was the weekend of Festivals. First up was the Great Lakes Fiber Festival (not rows of bowls of Cherrios like my dad pictured, but animal fiber). I went to the Ravelry meetup but it was really more of a Cleveland Knits West meetup. That was more than ok, though, since it was so nice to see everyone! And even though I was tempted by all of the wonderful yarn and surrounded by the best of enablers I stuck to my budget. Which was literally an envelope full of my husband’s poker winnings from the night before. Here’s how much yarn a night of poker can get you:

6 skeins of Lamb’s Pride Bulky in Avacado (will probably become this):

Great Lakes Fiber Festival purchases

And one 8oz braid of Creatively Dyed Wool/Seacell roving:
Great Lakes Fiber Festival purchases
And while I had a great deal of self-control at the festival I’ve had none since I’ve been home:
spinning fun
Yeah. I’m halfway through that roving and it’s only been a week.

Next up was the Greek Festival:
Greek Fest

The baby had a ball – she hung out in her little carrier and people watched while we ate gyros and honey balls (really should find out the real name for those).
Greek Fest
Mmmmm gyro baby.

She even posed for a family picture:
Greek Fest
This weekend is going to be much more subdued. Big plans include playing basketball, going for a walk, dying yarn (my new base yarn? Is AWESOME. Sucks up dye like you wouldn’t believe), watching the Cavs game, and thinking that my friend Sarah made the right decision.

May 22, 2009

Coming out of the fog

So I’m finally starting to feel like the baby fog is lifting a little bit. Between her sleeping through the night more consistently and the big Baptism party we threw being over I’m actually starting to get my life back. Or something to that effect. Signs things are returning to “normal”:

1.) This is my second blog post this week.

2.) I did this the other day:
random green fiber
It’s just some random fiber that I got for Christmas one year. I don’t know what it is but it has a really short staple length and it’s really bouncy.
random green fiber
I’m just rockin’ the only type of spinning that I really know how to do. Basic two ply. Someday I’ll learn how to do something else… someday…
052209 027

3.) We are having a little cookout/cavs party tonight. It’s not the barhopping of days past but chilling with the group and a glass of wine is going to feel really good.

4.) I have two finished objects to show you:
pink ribbon washcloth
Granted they are just washcloths and they still need to be blocked but still – I finished something! They are both for my friend who is doing the Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer 3 Day walk. She needed some door prizes for one of her fundraisers and I thought these would be kindof fun:
pink ribbon washcloth
The pattern is the Awareness Ribbon Washcloth (Ravelry link here) and the yarn is some random cotton I’ve had forever.
pink ribbon washcloth

5.) I did inventory today:

Yeah remember that Destination Yarn thing? Where I started up this really cool business and then couldn’t do it anymore because I got all pregnant and sick and then had a baby?

It’s time to revisit that.

So far I’ve only listed some old favorites (Copenhagen, anyone?) but stay tuned – there’s some very fun new colorways coming soon.

6.) I went on a bike ride. The last time I was on the bike I was about 12 weeks pregnant and it resulted in me puking in the street, in a neighbor’s yard, in my back yard, and finally in my kitchen sink. So I may have only gone a few miles but I didn’t puke so WIN.

7.) I’m going to the Great Lakes Fiber Festival tomorrow. Without the baby. I’ve left her both with Matt and with my mom for a few hours before… but not for nearly this long. Honestly I’m not really nervous. Matt’s great with her and a full day of “daddy time” will be good for both of them. Plus I’m super excited about the Ravelry meetup. I’ve been so out of the knitting loop lately (Cookie came out with a book? Really? Totally didn’t know that until last night.) that it will be good to catch up with everyone.

So yeah. I know things have changed forever and I’m fine with that. And I know I smell like spitup about 90% of the time and I’m also fine with that. But I have to admit – it feels nice to reclaim a little bit of my pre-baby world.
Does this mean you’re actually going to finish one of my sweaters?

May 18, 2009


So I have meant to post – and started posts – so many times I can’t even count. But the bottom line is the past month or so has basically been this:
Or this:

And then this happened:
And I have to be honest – baby smiles are even more amusing than yarn.
See what I mean?

But now that she’s starting to (knock on wood) sleep a little bit more I have big fiber-related plans. Lots of knitting content coming soon. Until then here’s another smile:
So fun
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