June 26, 2009

Dreaming of Florida Sunshine

First off – Rest In Peace, Michael Jackson. You may have taken a really creepy turn in the mid ‘90’s but you were still a pop culture icon and will be missed.

So check out my shiny new sock:
Florida Sunshine Sock
It’s the Sunshine pattern from the Cookie A book, Sock Innovations, knit out of Destination Yarn colorway Tampa, Florida (only one skein left and I don’t know when I’ll dye this colorway again!).
Florida Sunshine
I just couldn’t resist the whole Florida/Sunshine connection:
Florida Sunshine Sock
Because, really, the Sunshine sock should be knit out of the Sunshine State colorway.
Florida Sunshine Sock
The only problem at this point is that there is only one. And… well… I kindof fell down a Ravelry knit along rabbit hole. And it ends on June 30. So to be eligible for many fabulous prizes I need to get the second sock done in 4 days. It’s possible, right? Especially since I’m just sitting around eating bon bons since I’m still on leave… (HAHAHAHAHAHAAAAHAAAAAHA. HA.)

In baby news teething can bite me. It’s not like she’s going to bust out a tooth tomorrow or anything but the process has started and it’s pretty awful. Baby tylonol is my new BFF but it’s a fine line. While I don’t want her to be in pain I also don’t want to drug my child when she’s just fussing because she’s bored. That won’t lead to good things during her teenage years.
First Daddy Day
Baby Tylonol is a gateway drug.

Also daddy day was adorable:
first daddy day
And speaking of teeth – and because it’s Friday and I love me some random pop culture business on Fridays – I share with you this bit of AWESOME:

Buffy & Edward:

Best clip ever. Buffy is SO a better teenage role model than Bella or whatever her name is. So is Sookie according to this amazing article:

Bella no match for Sookie

And that’s all I got. Have a good weekend!


  1. Hee! That was a great clip. Thanks for sharing. Love the sock! I hope you make the deadline. You never know!

  2. Oh, she looks so tiny underneath the sock! The sock look great!

  3. She's beautiful Jeanne!...ok...so are your socks:)

  4. One of the gifts we received when my son was born was a package of Hyland's Teething Tablets. It's homeopathic and best of all, it works! Here's a link to their website.


  5. Hi,

    I came across your blog while searching for information about the Cleveland Stitch N' Pitch online. Great to find a blog from another Cleveland knitter! I live in Cleveland also (well, suburbs - east side), and I am a new knitter (have been crocheting for a little over two years, just learned how to knit about two months ago). You have some beautiful projects, and lovely photograpy on your blog! Cute baby too!

  6. What a fab sock, love it!

    LOL, that was too funny! Love how he put in the HP clip at the end.

  7. Anonymous10:33 PM

    I actually bought a t-shirt today that says "...And then Buffy staked Edward. The End"

    Baby is looking cute! Mary

  8. Anonymous12:45 AM

    YES! A friend posted the Buffy v. Edward clip on Facebook and I spread it to all my friends, most hilarious thig ever, and sooo badass.

  9. Love the socks, and the baby pics are adorable!

  10. Ya and just when you think teething is going away BAM it shows up again... grr... 20 months and STILL TEETHING.

    I understand your hesitance toward Tylenol, too. I was told by a friend's mother (a PhD in early childhood development, no less) that it is safer to dot with whiskey than dose with Tylenol since the whiskey never gets into the bloodstream. And just when I think it is safe to use Tylenol the FDA goes all "acetaminophen will destroy your liver omg panic!" OK so that isn't a direct quote. ;)

    She is such a cutie! Do you ever get tired of hearing that?

  11. Anonymous12:52 AM

    Fab clip. Cute sock model. Good thing those are not as tasty as Big Bird.


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