June 9, 2009

Fun things

A list of super fun things:

1.) New baby firsts. She’s discovered her hands.
hands are the best

And they really are the best of things to play with.

2.) Destination Yarn - I’ve dyed over 30 skeins in the last week. Including some old favorites such as Copenhagen (we'll see how long that link lasts. this colorway sells out QUICK):
And Tuscany:
Plus a few fun new colorways such as Vienna:
Which is dyed to look like a pastry shop window.

And National Cherry Blossom Festival:
National Cherry Blossom Festival
Because sometimes it’s not the where but the when that matters.

3.) Starting new projects. I’ve abandoned the baby knits in favor of a simple lace scarf:
Sock yarn scarf
The pattern is the Strangling Vines Lace Scarf and the yarn is Destination Yarn in Paris Night.

4.) Stitch ‘n Pitch. It’s tonight! This year I’m going with the Cleveland Knits West group so funtimes are sure to be had. I’m going to bring some of my yarn so if you want to check it out in person feel free to find me! I look something like this:
me and her
Pic from the Baptism. Which is a post I’ve been meaning to write for about 3 weeks now.

Only I won’t have a baby on me. She’s hanging out with her dad for the evening.

Hope to see some of you tonight!


  1. She is getting cuter by the day!

    Love the yarn colors. I'll miss you at stitch-n-pitch tonight...my upcoming schedule just won't allow it:(

  2. She is so cute! The yarns look great, especially the Tuscany.

  3. Baby is adorable! Her and dad should watch the game just in case you get on the jumbotron!

    Be srue to bring some copenhagen with you! I may need to buy one off you!!!!!!

  4. She's adorable! I love your colorways. And you look great!

  5. OMG I love that cute picture of her. And the National Cherry Blossum Festival is now my favorite colorway.

  6. She's so cute! That is a great pic of her!

    Cherry Blossom is fab! I love pink and brown together.

  7. Anonymous11:58 AM

    Pretty dyes. She's adorable. Toes are next... (p.s. my word verification was "sperm" .. LOL)


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