July 14, 2009

On Notice

So currently I have 3 unfinished posts hanging out in my blogger. One on our trip to the beach, one on cross dressing a baby complete with a hat pattern for a baby boy, and one on some fun firsts – fourth of july, out of town trips, feet discovery, etc.

But once again there is no way I’m going to be able to finish any of that.

Instead I’d like to put a few things on notice:

And just so the post isn’t a complete waste how about an adorable picture of her in her America Day outfit:

07092009 068

she still has the red hair and blue eyes earning her the nickname "Little Miss Recessive" Wonder how long all of it will last?


  1. i know it is completely ridiculous to root for an eye color, but i am. i didn't even consider it at first b/c you both have brown eyes, but now...i am excited!

  2. Wow. . .she so looks like her mommy in this pic! Beautiful! And quite the list you have there. . .

  3. Phoebe8:53 PM

    Little Miss Recessive! I love it! (being one myself. . . )

  4. OMG. I am overcome by the cuteness! What a great pic!

  5. Anonymous12:00 AM

    What a doll! I'm a bit partial to red headed daughters as I have two of my own (although mine have green eyes).

  6. Red hair is the best! One of my sisters (who has jet black hair and brown eyes, and is married to a guy with blonde hair and green eyes) has two red haired, brown eyed, freckled daughters. Their pediatrician said red hair and brown eyes is actually rare, that most naturally red haired people have green or blue eyes. I had auburn hair as a kid, but it gradually turned dark brown as I got older - good thing for hair dye!


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