August 13, 2009

We're Going to the Zoo Zoo Zoo

So wait what now? It’s August already? Really? This summer is flying by… between out of town visitors, vacations, trying to get Destination Yarn going, and oh yeah taking care of a baby Life in Cleveland has been CRAZY. So rather than try to back blog everything I’m going to narrow this post down to my new fav. place in Cleveland:

We first went with Matt’s sister and her husband when they were in town:
first trip to the zoo
And I ended up buying a membership. Best idea ever. We’ve been several times since. And I’m not sure how our zoo compares to other cities as far as rankings or whatever but I think it’s spectacular. So does the Girl:
first trip to the zoo
Checking out some wallabies

first trip to the zoo
She hates the hat but loves watching the creatures move around.

first trip to the zoo
Monkeys are fun... Just like her doggie.

But her favorite part of the zoo? The Aquarium:
She LOVES watching the fish and I have discovered that the benches behind the shark tank are a great place to discreetly feed her. Even though thanks to watching too much shark week they TERRIFY me…
To this shark my child is a snack. Pic from here.

I think the best part is showing her animals that we’ve seen in the wild… like the macaws:

Pic from the Amazon Rainforest in Peru

Pic from the Cleveland Zoo.

That has even inspired a new colorway: Scarlet Macaw.

Scarlet Macaw
Which is not exactly a destination but certainly is inspired by travel.

So yeah… Life in Cleveland is good:
first trip to the zoo
Family pic from our first visit.

first trip to the zoo
All funned out.

It's just a bit wild right now. (har har har)


  1. the zoo membership was a great investment for my family too!

    we did not get it this year because of the wifey being preggers and all, we didn't think we would get the mileage out of it like we did last year.

    but you can definitely look for us next year.

    the zoo memebership also gets you free admission to other zoos across the country. how awesome is that?!

  2. Dude! Dori from Little Nemo is hanging at the Cleveland Zoo? Who knew!

  3. The Big E and I love the zoo! We are just bummed that we don't have little kids to take with us anymore. . .we look forward to sharing this with our grandkids. . .someday!

    Great photos and colorway!

  4. What a fun day. The Akron Zoo is having a great jelly fish exhibit that I've been meaning to go to. Gizmo is sure getting those naps in.

  5. Looks like you had a great time at the zoo. I'm on vacation this week and am planning on going. I think our zoo is pretty great. I've been to the San Diego zoo and ours is much nicer.

  6. Lori on Little Traverse Bay11:59 AM

    We love the Cleveland Zoo! (BTW---It stacks up well with the others we've visited.) The Rainforest is especially great for a Spring Break visit---the greenery, the waterfall, the warmth! It's a nice break from the little bit of snow we usually have left on the ground in April here in No. Michigan. My favorite at the zoo is the giraffes!

  7. Beautiful! Your family and the yarn and the zoo are all gorgeous! By the way, zoo memberships are the best value around. They are also tax deductible. Next time you're in Toledo, visit our zoo... the gorillas and chimps are great.


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