September 3, 2009

Are you ready for some football knitting?

So kickoff on football season is one week from today and we are getting EXCITED. Matt has been watching all of the coverage he can get his hands on, our fantasy teams are set, and even the baby is good to go:
My mom knit the sweater for her.
Don’t the little football buttons just make it!


My fantasy team is looking good this year… although the competition is going to be stiff this season. We took things seriously and there were hardly any draft decisions made based on player hotness:
Fantasy Football Draft
Pic from my draft. Funtimes were had.

Although Tony Romo went pretty late since noone wanted him on their team after what he did to Jessica.

So while I’m not really in the business of dying sports team yarns I got a bit caught up in the frenzy and this happened:

And I couldn’t very well dye Sixburgh without also dying Believeland:

EDITED TO ADD: I sold out of Believeland! Thanks guys! I actually had one skein that wasn't listed because I was saving it for me. So since there was demand I listed it this morning. It's the last one, though!

believeland copy
Because although I agreed to raise my child as a Steelers fan (in exchange for Matt agreeing to raise her Catholic. Marriage is all about the compromises) I do still know where I came from.

And since I was on a roll I had to dye the one place that I think should def be represented by its team colors:
osu copy
Ohio State
Those fans are the most insane I’ve ever encountered. (here’s the post where I tailgated like a Buckeye, and the one with the Ohio State Superfan Hat pattern)

And since I was just in northern Wisconsin for vacation (unblogged) I figured I may as well do a colorway for the cheeseheads, too.
The cool thing about that one is that the landscape matches their team colors. So it works both ways.

Anways I had fun doing this but not enough fun to make this a part of my regularly scheduled programming. So these colorways are limited edition. I’ve listed what I have and when they are gone, they’re gone. Knit something fun for the superfan in your life - available at Destination Yarn!

My only question now is do I use this yarn to knit for Matt or the baby?
It’s ok mommy, I have enough Steelers gear. See how cute this bib is?

I wonder what it tastes like...


  1. Very cute baby sweater - love the football buttons! This year I am in my very first fantasy football pool at work - Jim said he'd help me as I haven't really been into it in the past. There may be lots of football knitting in my future as well!

  2. That pittsburgh picture is fantastic. so gold! (i reckon that was on purpose, oh that town is so together.)

  3. Faux Matt's having issues with "Steeler Baby". I still think she's cute even though she's wearing those barfy team colors!

  4. Anonymous6:52 PM

    What!? No Reigning Big East Champion Cincinnati Bearcats?

  5. baby: SOOOooo cute.....
    sweater: ugly as hell. Knitting was top notch, different colors though...

    I don't know what's worse, being a steelers fan or catholic? but i know that being a catholic AND a steelers fan....i don;t know....

    go browns!

    btw, love the browns colors.

  6. She is just so precious!

  7. Cute baby sweater! Nice job on the dyes! You're twisting my arm here. LOL. Hey those MICH-A-GAN fans will be upset no blue and gold... GO OSU!!

  8. What a cute sweater your mom made!

    Love the yarns!

  9. Love the sweater - and the rest of the Steelers gear. She's looking adorable! Can't wait to get my hands on the yarn, thanks for breaking my sock yarn diet!

  10. Phoebe5:22 PM

    Love the way she's sitting in the first photo and the look on her face. Priceless.

  11. Last fall, there were many places where Ravelers were looking for OSU colors. . .are you advertising on any of the OSU groups? You should! And I love the concept of Sixburgh adn Believeland! Totally on target! lol

    Ummm, the baby is adorable in a oodles of deliciousness way, as well! What fuun!

  12. Romo also went late because he's a sissy pants. That 'effing pinky finger

  13. Gah, I'm so bummed I missed Believeland! Stoopid vacation! Not because I'm a football fan (so not), but just because it's so pretty! I mean pretty in a manly, grunting, football kind of way, of course.


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