September 22, 2009

Destination Yarn Update

So there’s been lots going on with this little yarn business I started. Some of the highlights:

1.) I have a group on Ravelry! It’s here: Destination Yarns. Check it out for special offers or just to see pictures of what other people have knit. Dawn’s Copenhagen Socks (rav link here) are particularly beautiful.

2.) You can now find Destination Yarn at My Sister’s Whimsy in Versailles, Ohio! I’ve been working with Teresa and Cynthia to create a colorway for their Grand Opening. The suggested naming it “Annie Oakley” since she is from Drake County. I’ve never dyed a person before. So I started with images of vintage posters:

And some photographs of her:

From that I had a clear picture of what I wanted: muted but not pastel (she does NOT strike me as a pastel kindof girl), the bright reddish peaches of the posters w/o veering too far into pink, and the powder blue that seems to be her signature color. To that I added a base of brown and sepia:
Annie Oakley
When Matt (my toughest critic. Living with another designer is both good and bad) saw it he said “It’s old-timey without being old fashioned. I didn’t even know that colors could be old-timey!”
Annie Oakley
I love it.

Annie Oakley
And it’s exclusively available through My Sister’s Whimsy.

3.) Kathy of the yahoo group Whenever Again has designed a beautiful sock of my yarn:
Sock design

It is knit out of the semi-solid Amber Waves of Grain.

Sock design
I think the pattern is stunning.

Sock design
She is going to sell kits with both pattern and yarn through the yahoo group for a limited time starting in November. I'll be setting up a knit along complete with prizes through the Destination Yarn Ravelry group soon!

So yeah – not to turn this blog only into a “buy my stuff” blog… but I was pretty excited about all of that. Regular old knitting project not in Destination Yarn coming soon. I love fall!


  1. congrats on all the goodness, girlie - so happy for you and i love love love the annie oakley's gorgeous!

  2. Reading that you've never dyed a person before made me think that when I suggested an Annie Oakley colorway, I was thinking of her as a destination!

    Growing up in Darke County I came to know Annie Oakley through The Garst Museum, (where she has a room dedicated just to her), through visits to her grave site in Brock Cemetery near Willowdell, Ohio (north of Versailles where our shop is) and through Annie Oakley Days, celebrated in Greenville every July.

    Thanks for stretching yourself creatively...we just ADORE this yarn and hope others will too!


  3. Definitely a "vintage" feel - and for never having dyed a person before, well, that's amazing yarn! You are too talented...great job!

  4. Very cool interpretation of Annie Oakley in yarn! And congrats on going retaill, that is awesome!


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