September 1, 2009

Food Glorious Food

So the big development round these parts lately is food. At her 4 month appointment my pediatrician said that some kids come in at six months exclusively breast/formula fed, while others are eating 3 solid meals a day. Both are fine. So as with anything even remotely ambiguous in parenting that means that people have OPINIONS. When to start it, what to start, how much to give… Lots of things to fight about. So I over googled and became convinced that I would screw her up for life if I choose poorly. Right. So we decided to follow the #1 rule in parenting: Trust your instinct.

The “Yeah. She’s ready” moment came appropriately enough at the Feast.
Yes. She was out waaaay past her bedtime. But that’s another parenting topic for another day.

She tried to grab and eat anything and everything that Matt was eating. No question about it she wanted some delicious pasta for herself.

So the next day* we did this:
First Food
What the….
First Food
Tastes like the boob food…
First Food
But it’s solid…

First Food
very curious...

Starting out she just got rice cereal which was pretty tough on her system.** After a few days we added a feeding of oat cereal and that helped things out. Her absolute fav though?
Oat cereal mixed with pear juice*** That is just delicious!

So now that she’s gotten the hang of things and her system is used to solids it’s time to branch out. I think we’re going to get crazy and try sweet potatoes tonight. Can’t wait to see what she thinks!
First Food
What is happening in that high chair? This is very interesting...

Edited to Add:

Sweet Potatoes were a huge success!!!
sweet potatoes
Now I just have to wait 3 days and we can try... carrots? Perhaps Bananas? So many possibilities!

*one day before her 5 month birthday in case you are in the obsessive googling mode, too. I think I probably should have started her a bit earlier, though. Right as we started trying the food thing she stopped sleeping through the night. She was waking up hungry – like screaming her head off trying to latch on through my shirt hungry – every night. So we added a second cereal feeding in quicker than we should have. It worked instantly. The night we added the extra cereal she went back to sleeping through and waking up her happy self. So don’t listen to the lactivist bullshit that says that food won’t help and that you should still only breastfeed even if your kid is waking up screaming hungry. It TOTALLY solved that problem for us.

**You know what’s fun? Having a kid that doesn’t poop for 5 days. Yeah. She wasn’t even a baby anymore at that point. She was a bomb that could blow at any moment.

**OOOOH the juice thing. Yes. I give my child juice. Which according to the google OMFG you’re giving your kid SUGAR! CHILDHOOD OBESITY! You FAIL! Uh huh. I’m sorry but I’d rather have a kid that gets ¼ oz of juice a day than one who is crying because she’s so constipated. Not going down that road ever again. And you know what I’m sure causes way more cases of obesity than a few drops of juice? Not understanding the concept of moderation.


  1. Crazy people suck and I think you have made wonderful decisions for a happy healthy baby. I will be coming to you prior to googling to make my future (way in the future) baby decisions. BTW, LOVE the feeding pics!!

  2. Proof again that the Follow Your Instincts theory works - YEAH! Keep doing what you're doing!

  3. children that are obese have an eating disorder. it's called hand to mouth!

    parent fail!

  4. Anonymous9:59 PM

    She's so cute!

    Peanut wouldn't take ANYTHING from a spoon until he was 6 months and 1 week old. And then it was cantaloupe. Go figure. I wonder if there is some parallel between his refusal to nurse, refusal to eat spoon food for months and his current contentment to say only 6 or 7 words. **worried**

    Oh and juice? Ya, screw 'em. But I agree with advice to steer clear of apple and citrus juices until age 1 or later, too much acid. Oh little burned baby butt taught us that one the hard way.

  5. Getting troubles from some peeps? Ignore em. EVERYONE has an opi about kiddo raising topics. They bother me when I read threads about them now and I'm not even a parent yet!>?!

    Besides, it sounds like it's working out great for you guys!

    As for moderation, muy importante.

  6. You guys sound completely like the voice(s) of reason in a crazy overopinionated world. Good for you for going with your instincts and doing what makes sense and works for your family!

  7. We had problem ** for a brief while until my son adjusted to solid food. We actually needed a baby suppository, which my mother administered. It grossed out my husband and me.

    Our pediatrician told us to use skim milk, which I later read was not good for babies, and I regretted this choice. Just do what seems right to you. I think some fruit juice is just fine. If you supply balanced foods and restrict the obvious "empty calorie" foods when your daughter is older, you won't have any problems. She is looking like the picture of health.


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