November 7, 2009

Shiny #1 – Pretty, pretty socks.

My first shiny object? 2 gorgeous socks – designed specifically for Destination Yarn!

Remember the Amber Waves of Grain socks?

The kit including pattern and this yarn is now available! If you want one (and you know you do) you can buy them either through the whenever_again yahoo group here, or their ravelry group here. They are only taking orders through Nov 15 so get them while you can!

Dawn – the incredibly talented designer over at knitting nonstop (her Rav group is here) – has designed a new sock pattern featuring Sea from the America the Beautiful Series. Check out how shiny:


The pattern isn’t available yet but she’s having a naming contest. Head over to her blog and post your ideas. I’ve heard the prize is pretty awesome. Also I will be doing another run of this limited edition colorway once she releases the pattern – probably sometime in the next few weeks.

And my last shiny…. Today I’m going to a sock class taught by Cookie A. Yes. THE Cookie A. Of Sock Innovations. And Monkeys and Sunshine. Uh huh. I’m going to try not to make an ass out of myself being all “I’m not worthy, I’m not worthy, I’m not worthy” but no promises. It’s Cookie flipping A.



  1. i'm a size 11 1/2, I enjoy socks. be by later to pick em up ;)

  2. Sqeeing for you as I read today's Knitspot post - she kept showing a sock in progress and I kept thinking it looked familiar. Turns out it was Copenhagen (which I've wanted for a while, but have hitherto resisted) and Cookie A. was knitting it! So awesome!

  3. Really neat designs! I love them both! Cute little bee you have there!

  4. Fabulous socks! Hope Cookie A was freakin' fantastic!


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