November 5, 2009

Shiny times ahead!

So my new reclaim the blog plan is to commit to posting a Shiny once a week. Even if it’s just one image. I just need to get my creative juices flowing again and hopefully things will take off from there.

Shiny: Something that makes you go “squee” or “oooh” or “fuzzy” or “eeeh!”

For example...

Baby going to town on a club cracker =  Shiny!
I love mommy because she's going get all of the sweet taters out of my hairs!

Pretty pretty yarn = Shiny!
Neworleanscustom 001
Custom order I dyed - the three solids match the three colors in New Orleans.

Bean in Chicago = literally shiny!
Vacation we took in July that sadly went unblogged.

Really, really shiny.
We stopped in Chicago pretty much just to see the bean.  Totally worth it.

Family picture in the bean = TOO SHINY!


I’m guessing that this will include lots of pictures of my kid, my dog, my yarn, or my knitting. At the very least I’ll dig back and post a pretty travel photograph. But expect something visually interesting at least once a week.

Shiny times ahead!


  1. who doesn't love the bean?! we had fun with that also.


  2. hooray for shiny stuff and things! and for trying to get back on the blog/creative bandwagon. was so happy to see you pop up in my comments today, too! can't wait to get a few more glimpses of the babe! too stinkin' cute!

    i'm headed your way this weekend for a little time with the bro/sil/nephews. we'll hit Stitch Piece and Purl in Cuyahoga Falls and Cornerstone in Richfield Monday morning - don't suppose you're free??

    totally unrelated but hilarious: my word verification to enter below is "sherm" and it's making me giggle like mad.

  3. We have shiny bean photos. Love the shiny bean!!! LOL!!!

    Check your email for more shiny news....meaning I may be able to randomly stop in and play with the baby so you can skein b/c I may be reclaiming neighBOR status!!!!

    BTW, love the club cracker photo!!

  4. Wow, I'd hate to see the gas that giant shiny bean would cause...

  5. This post reminds me of something I was suppose to do this week - email you! So instead I'm leaving a comment!

    When we first started talking about having Destination Yarn in the shop you mentioned a custom colorway for our shop. Cindi and I both agree that the New Orleans colorway would have been the perfect shop colorway because it incorporates all the colors we would have picked for a shop coloway.

    Now we know that New Orleans is already a colorway but do you think you can come up with a My Sister's Whimsy colorway that is close to New Orleans but not New Orleans?

    BTW - I love seeing the pics of your little one. I have a grand-daughter that celebrate her first birthday on November 14th, so seeing pics of your little one makes me smile and think about my little one.


  6. Anonymous7:26 PM

    Shiny indeed!!

    We need to take a trip to Chicago, too. Haven't been there since fall of 2001.

  7. love me some shiny!
    ps - your daughter is delightful!


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