December 11, 2009

Christmas Card Preview

So after doing something spectacular (and time consuming) for our Christmas card last year this year we decided to punt. Picture of the baby, premade card picked from a website, aaaaaand done. Besides, we figured, if we sent out anything other than a picture of the kid people would be all “Whaaaa? Where’s the baby? That is some crap.”

Should be easy, right?

So I set up my whole ghetto lightbox that I usually use for photographing yarn (did a big shop update today, btw), put the baby in something holiday and adorable and figured we’d be done in no time.

Silly, mommy.

Uh huh.  Almost 9 month olds are a lot wigglier then yarn.


My first mistake was to put her in shoes she’d never seen before.

Hmmm what are those?

I wonder if I could put them in my mouth.

They are so awesome.

I understand that you are telling me not to do this but I really don’t care.

So then I tried leaning her back like a tiny baby for just a head shot.

Why would you do that to me! I was playing with the shoes!

Yeah that was a FAIL.

Not cool, mommy. Hey what’s this.

Ooooh this is fun to play with!

Mmmmmm… I’m going to tear apart your set now.

Look at those things!

Finally I brought in the big guns. I called Dexter into the room.

Hey it’s my doggie!

I go get him now.

Well, shit. So then I tried making her do some “So Big’s” thinking it would get her focused on me and I’d grab a shot inbetween the flailing arms.

So Big!

I said Soooo Big!

Soooo Big?

Well from there she got into the posing and made me wonder if perhaps we had watched a bit too many ANTM marathons in those early, sleep deprived weeks.

I’m fierce.

Am I Smizing?

Benny Ninja taught me this pose himself.

The whole operation wasn’t a total failure, though.

Sure about that, Mommy?

I did manage to get some cute shots where she didn’t look like a crazy baby.

I’m not crazy baby.

Not crazy at all.

I’m not going to post the final Christmas card shot just yet since that would spoil the surprise. But I will tell you that it’s even cuter than this one:

How can it be cuter? This is pretty stinking cute.

Merry Christmas!!!


  1. those pics are so amazingly adorable - there's no way you got one cuter than that for the card!!! can't wait to see it!

  2. those are a real laugh riot.

  3. THis is too o cute!!!! pun intended... and it made me laugh! I am definitely wondering what could be cuter! :)

  4. Haha smizing! I just died.

    Hilarious pictures and captions, I love the dress and the red hair! Darling!

  5. Are you SURE your Christmas card is cuter than the ones you showed us because those are pretty darned cute!!!!

  6. My favorite is the sheet-eating face. Hilarious! I can't wait to see the final shot!

  7. Your daughter has the absolutely most AMAZINGLY beautiful colour of red hair I have ever seen. Not to mention the right amount of spunk to match, it looks like.

  8. OH those are oh so fun though! Adorable!

  9. Anonymous11:02 AM

    thank you for sharing those! They are wonderful and fun. It reminded me of a Calvin & Hobbes comic where his parents were trying to get a photo of Calvin for their Christmas card, but he kept making faces at the last minute. In the end I think they used one of the crazy ones because they figured no one would believe he could look well-behaved anyway.

  10. Wow she's grown so fast! Those are great pics, she makes the best faces :) So adorable. Hope you have a great Christmas!

  11. LOL! I personally think the fierce and smizing noes are the money shots. ;)

  12. She is way fierce! And the Christmas card is stinkin' adorable!

  13. Anonymous10:32 PM

    omgosh, they're all priceless..but I'm a 50+ Memaw of 2..She's adorable and my how she has grown!!

  14. Leslie11:30 PM

    I'm still looking for the "love" button!

  15. So very adorable!!

  16. cute! miss you guys.

  17. All those shots are positively adorable, especially to someone who has tried the same thing. You neglected to tell us how many hours it took to get set up and take all those shots. There's a lot to be said for photographing yarn.

  18. OMG!!! this was ridiculously adorable. BTW, she's totally smizing!! ANTM look out, but with the genetics she'll be in the shorty season, ummmm but totally win. Tyra will be all over those eyes!

  19. She is too cute... whatta rock star. I love the one with her hand out... like "talk to the hand" OMG! LOL.

  20. So funny! I'm the oldest of 7, Mom used to sit us all on the couch and take a roll of film, get double prints and whatever we looked like was how people got to see us LOL

  21. Ohmygosh she has gotten SO big!!
    So glad you all had a blessed holiday and wishing the same for you in this New Year!!


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