January 24, 2010

Blue Monday Sale!

So tomorrow is the most depressing day of the year. No, really. They quantified it:
Most Depressing Day of The Year

So I was thinking… you know what makes me cheery on a dreary, depressing, January, Monday?

Well Yarn, of course.

But even better than that?

Yarn on sale.

So I’m having a Blue Monday sale of 10% off all of Destination Yarn's Tropical Colorways:

1.) Tampa Bay  2.) Sea  3.) Shining Sea  4.) Antigua

Just enter the code BLUEMONDAY in the message to seller portion of your transition and I’ll give you 10% off of any of those 4 colors! It’s a crazy one-day only event!

I figure if you can’t go somewhere warm you may as well knit with tropical yarn.

I have to say I love my Florida Sunshine socks:
sunshinesocks 043cropped
Every time I wear them I think of the sun. And on a cold gray day like today I need to be reminded of what that’s like.

Happy Blue Monday!

PS – Both Harvest Moon and Copenhagen were on Anne Hanson’s Blog again. I’m currently out of both but tomorrow is a dye day so I should have more up on Etsy by Tuesday!
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