January 6, 2010

Holiday Wrap Up

So today is Epiphany. As in the last day of the Holiday Season. As in the last day you can have holiday decorations up without being it just being sad. (note: we still have all of our decorations up and they aren’t coming down until this weekend) So I thought I’d finally get around to posting all of the fun things that happened over the holiday drinking season before it was too late. How about a list?

1.) We took the baby to see Santa:

She wasn’t scared at all. More like fascinated. Kept looking at him and then looking at me like “hey mom! Check out this dude. Not sure what’s going on with him but maybe I can figure it out.” Her posse came with her too:

2.) We got a Christmas tree. Last year we were so devoid of holiday spirit that we didn’t even mess around with a tree. In all fairness we had other shit going on but still… it was nice to decorate this time.

Helping us pick out the perfect one

Helping us decorate

Wow man. Wow.

3.) We continued our holiday tradition of cookie day – this time the baby played along, too although she was very distracting and totally didn't pull her weight.

4.) We had a fun Christmas Eve at my parents’ house – and the baby LOVED opening all of the presents:

And the dogs got their annual frostypaws treats:

He's not rabid.  It's peanut butter flavored.

5.) Although Santa didn’t bring her teeth like I kept telling her he would we still had a wonderful Christmas morning together. We even took our annual picture… although this year it was a bit trickier than last year:

There we go.

And yes, Matt is wearing a Destination Yarn shirt. My parents had a bunch of them made as Christmas presents. Good advertising!

6.) I met my best girlfriends for lunch in Columbus – of which sadly I have no pictures. And of course I stopped at Knitters Mercantile on the way home.  Of course I did.

7.) Also pictureless – Matt’s brother and his fiancĂ©e came to town. And we spent 4 hours in a bar with a baby watching the Steelers game. It was funtimes, indeed.

8.) We did a white elephant gift exchange with my cousins – and I got a Bumpit:

Go big or go home... with your hair?

9.) Matt took 2 days off and we spent most of it together doing this:

Or this:

It was awesomely relaxing.

9.) We said goodbye to the most challenging year we’ve ever faced. Literally everything in our lives has been turned upside down this year. Our house, my career, our family unit. All of it. And while all of these changes have been good ones that much change in that short of a time of that many things takes its toll. 2009 is going to be one of those years that I look back on and think Wow. I can’t believe we did all of that. We must have been insane.

10.) We welcomed in 2010 in (un)lame style. Some of our friends had a party but we have a baby so that wasn’t really possible for us. Instead Andy, Carolyn, Jill, and Matt came over and hung out with us so we wouldn’t be alone on NYE. It was a very chill night with way too much food and champagne. Perfect.

I think that’s about all of it! I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday season and all of the gifts you gave/received were as well received as Dexter’s Christmas present:

Dog in a snuggy. Aaaawh yeah.


  1. Anonymous9:27 AM

    Good to know regarding the Christmas decorations; ours won't be coming down until the weekend either. And thank you for sharing your photos. Your baby is fantastic! I love the expressions she makes and your little captions are hilarious. Have a great 2010!

  2. all of our decorations are down EXCEPT for the tree and ornaments, which will be up for a bit still. love all the pics and your words about things changing so much in 2009 brought tears to my eyes cuz we lived a similar year of extremely awesome changes. yay for change! :)

  3. Great pictures of everyone! You're looking especially great too. I had to giggle at the "holiday drinking season". Yeah, that's pretty much what it is over here too. Happy New Year!

  4. Looks like it was a great holiday season! Great idea of your 'rents on the Destination Yarns tees!

    P.S. A Dog Snuggie AND a Bump-it? If you'd gotten a Slap Chop, you might have created an infomercial vortex! ;)

  5. Thanks for the lovely recount of your holidays! Looks like a nice time and lots of great pictures!


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