January 7, 2010

Memory Lane

Ok one more Christmas Post.  Check out what the power of the interwebs can do... I can find on this blog (or on the photoblog before I had this blog) a photograph from every Christmas Morning Matt and I have had together as a married couple.  Check it out:


Just married in our uber chic downtown apartment at the Bingham with our sad little Charlie Brown tree.  We had so few ornaments it was pathetic.  I did buy the red garland to match the window frames, though.


First Christmas in our own house and the first one with Dexter.  He looks so young! Although then again so do we.... And by "young" I pretty much mean "thin"


No big changes in this one (except the wall color in the background).  We pretty much spent that year "renovating" our house and partying. (have since learned that painting does not = renovating.  Unless you have plaster dust in your entire world and have exposed bare studs it's just "decorating")  I think that year we gave each other ridiculous things like ipods and diamonds.  Oh how things have changed.


Serious camera improvement from 2006 to 2007... That would be the year we bought our digital SLR for our trip to Peru.  Although clearly I did not spring for a new robe...


No Tree, No Gifts, 7 months pregnant.  Bah Humbugh.  Matt's sweater is pretty stylin' though!


BABY!!! Oh and hey I finally got a new robe! (although if we're being honest the old one is still in rotation) Dexter's starting to look like an old man, though.

Well that was fun.  I'll have to make sure I do this again in another 6 Christmases!


  1. OHH how cute!! Like Matt's Destination yarn Tee in this years pic!

  2. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  3. thats awesome!! im not that cool. i wish i had a tradition of taking a photo like this every year

  4. Thanks,
    You've been such a joy to follow..this was terrific..I loved your old robe..but I'm fairly addicted to my old clothes..
    Happy New Year!!!


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