February 7, 2010


Well I kindof ran out of time to list my last reasons with links and pictures and things... but I can fly-by post them.

4.) New Colorways

Sunday at the show will be the first time that my two brand new Olympic Colorways are available in the flesh. Also new – remember that non-repeatable kettle dyed Fall Road Trip compilation that was so pretty? Well I developed the concept into a repeatable variegated colorway. It is the newest addition to my line and won’t be available on Etsy until after the shows.

3.) The Samples

I’ve been knitting like a madwoman. So if there’s a colorway that you like but aren’t sure how it knits up? I probably will have a sample of it at the show. I don’t have all of the colorways but quite a few will be represented. (my mom has been knitting like a madwoman for me, too. I called her the other night and said “hey can you knit me a DK sock in the next 72 hours?” I’m lucky to have such a supportive family!)

2.) Delicious Nearby Food

So if you’re wanting to come to the show but Soft ‘n Sassy is far for you why not make a day of it and get lunch at a fabulous restaurant on your way? I have two delicious recommendations for you: Charm Thai Ohio – I’ve never actually been here but I’ve heard from a good source that the mango curry is fantastic. Or The French Quarter CafĂ© – run by displaced Katrina victims their muffuletta sandwich is belligerently good.

1.) Shop Local = WIN
By coming to this show you are supporting not one but two Cleveland Area businesses (both are owned by women - if you care about that sort of thing) Soft ‘n Sassy has also been shifting their focus to primarily carry USA produced and manufactured products. There are tons of articles on this philosophy (a quick google search will produce piles) but the bottom line? Supporting local businesses is a WIN.

And with that I"m out the door with 198 skeins of Destination Yarn!


  1. The mango curry is fabulous there!!!

  2. Charm Thai is FABULOUS!!! We are Thai food freaks as our friends Nong and Lek are both from Thailand and own a local Thai restuarant. And then mom and dad mentioned a new thai place close to them, so the last two times we visited Cleveland, we ate there. LOVE IT! I'm a big fan of the panang (curry), pad thai, tom yum soup and thai iced tea. MMMMmmmm... heaven! And they were really pleased with the few thai phrases we know. Anywho... just wanted to say Charm Thai is delish!


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