February 12, 2010

The Knitting Olympics

So Today starts the Olympics. Also the Knitting Olympics. Where knitters all over the globe will challenge themselves to knit something within the 17 days of the games. I am knitting this:

Only not this. I’m using the charts from this sweater but I’m putting them onto an Elizabeth Zimmerman Seamless Yolk Sweater.

Which means it’s worsted weight, a pullover instead of a cardigan, and I’m doing a pile of math.

This will be my first colorwork sweater, my first EZ sweater, &my first seamless yolk.

Let the games begin!!!


  1. You can do it! I am thinking of breaking out some knitting for the Olympics.....maybe a shawl out of this yummy lace weight alpaca I have.

  2. I suppose I'll be bringing my knitting tonight, then!

  3. Good luck Jeanne! I'll be interested in seeing it when you're done - it's one of those sweaters I have in my future. For Ravelympics, I'm knitting socks while vacationing in Santiago, Chile and surrounds:)

  4. I'll be eager to follow your progress. I'm planning to work through EZ's various sweaters this year, but I copped out a bit on the yoked sweater because I thought hers were not flashy enough. So I picked Laela (a Lopi Lite design) instead. Also, I need arms that are bigger than the 30% EZ suggests--mine are nearly 40%. But once Laela is done, I intend to go back to EZ's generic instructions to compare them--and perhaps knit another.

    I like the yoke design you picked

  5. Looks like it will be a great challenge! Can't wait to see it develop!


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