February 4, 2010

My Very First Trunk Show

So this Sunday at Soft ‘n Sassy is my first ever Trunk Show:
This weekend!
And to be quite honest I’m terrified noone is going to show up. So how about 10 reasons why you should come? Actually scratch that. 10 reasons became the Longest  Post Ever. So I’m going to break it up into several posts leading up to Sunday.

10.) The Variegated Colorways
Every single one of my standard variegated colorways will be there. Every. Single. One. So if you’ve wanted to get your paws on a skein of Vienna but I haven’t listed it in a few months, or if you can’t quite ever get Copenhagen before I sell out again it will all be there. A quick preview:

That’s not even all of them. That’s just what was handy in my Flickr account. Yeah.

9.) Me, in the flesh
I’ll be there all day to talk about my yarn. So if you’re interested in why Pittsburgh is Orange or what I was thinking when I dyed London, or want to suggest new colorways I’d be happy to chat with you. On the other hand if you want to watch my hands flail about as I try not to be too nervous, or tell me to please shut up about all of this yarn and post some more baby pictures already?  Now’s your chance.

8.) The Semi-Solids
For the trunk show I have dyed all of the America the Beautiful Semi-Solid Series along with the whole Fall Road Trip Semi-Solid Series. So if you ever wanted to do something crazy/awesome like knit the entire Roy G Biv of the rainbow?
Knit the Rainbow
I’ve got you covered.

Although I think it’d take awhile just to knit through the Roy:
Knit the Rainbow

Or the Biv:
Knit the Rainbow

Let alone the whole colorwheel:
Knit the Rainbow
But oh would it be fun to try!

More reasons tomorrow!!!


  1. If anybody ever refers to you as just a "stay-at-home-mom" be sure to punch them in the nose. This is multi-tasking to the max. Congratulations!!

  2. Leslie6:52 PM

    Fabulous -- wish I could make it. I am certain it will go quite well. Good luck.

  3. i'm really going to try and make it, altho jason has to work, so i'll have to bring ash, and taking her to public places other than those w/ shopping carts is a nightmare these days, so we'll see...

  4. Ohh - I'm putting it on my calendar now! I think it's time to break my yearlong knitting break and these yarns are exactly what I need. Can't wait to see (and fondle) them all!

  5. Niiice, Jean! If only I could clone myself to be in two places at once. . .if you dye it, they will come!


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