February 22, 2010

Something the swatch was good for

So the Big Fat Liar Swatch was good for something (other than taking away about 15 hours of my life that I’ll never get back)… it gave me a really good concept of what the colorwork was going to look like:
Ravelympics Project
And honestly I was kindof meh on it.   I just didn’t like it as much as I thought I was going to. Problem is that this yarn is discontinued. It’s Jo Sharp Silkroad Aran – a squisy butter soft blend of cashmere, merino, and silk – and I bought it years ago when a local yarn store went out of business. Also this yarn has a very different feel from anything I’ve got in my stash (probably the cashmere. Don’t usually work with anything that luxe) so it’s not like I could just throw in whatevcer.

To the Internets!

After a bit of digging I found some of what looked to be a decent colorway on ebay and took a chance.

My colorscheme went from this:
Olympic Sweater Progress

To this:
Olympic Sweater Progress
Much better.

The result is subtle – but I like subtle:
Olympic Sweater Progress
Sleeve 1. V3.0

It took me 3 tries to get going on this sleeve. The first time I rounded up from the pattern repeats and started w/ 42 stitches. WAAAY too big. The second time I rounded down and was happy with the result at the cuff. Then I increased every 7 rounds and created a sleeve with about 3 inches of negative ease. Sexy. So I ripped that back and increased every 5 rounds and was finally happy with the result.

Olympic Sweater Progress

Last night I finished the second sleeve. Sleeve 2 also took 3 tries to get started. Once b/c I forgot the seamless join. Once b/c I’m apparently unable to count to 34. And one more time because I forgot to do the seamless join AGAIN. I blame the wine.

I’m about here on the body:
Olympic Sweater Progress
I need to decide what I’m going to do for bust shaping, knit about 3 more inches, join everything, knit the yolk and finish it.

I have 6 days.

Impossible? Probably. But I’m going to try for redemption* anyways.  And if I skate clean I might just make the podium.

*Has anyone else noticed how redemption seems to be Bob’s fav. Buzz word these games? It always seems a bit like a backhanded compliment. Like “well they won gold this time… but last games they SUCKED.” Shut up, Bob.


  1. you can totally do it (this coming from the lady that hasn't worked on her Olympic knitting since she cast on the first nite)

  2. Anonymous9:20 AM

    I TOTALLY agree;if I hear redemption one more time I am going to mute the telecast.

  3. Agree (1000) on the "Shut UP Bob!!!" between him and Chris I-don't-know-anything-about-these-sports-so-why-am-I-here? Collinsworth, I'm tempted to stop watching. Or maybe just put it on mute when they're on. Can we drop in one more link to either baseball or football? Because they actually have so much to do with the Olympics?!

  4. You can do it!
    From the woman who still has not STARTED her Rav project. . .sigh! Not enough days in the week!


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