February 11, 2010

Trunk Show Recap*

So my first trunk show was a success!
Trunk Show
Lots of people, lots of yarn, lots of delicious coffee from The French Quarter Café

Trunk Show

What more could you ask for?

Trunk Show

Display of the Olympic Yarns. 

Trunk Show
Display of the Sinuosity Pattern matched up with the yarn that inspired it.

Plus it was really, really cool to see all of my colorways and samples and everything set up for display:
Trunk Show

In case you missed the show this same display of Destination Yarn will be at the Pittsburgh Knit and Crochet Festival this weekend. Just check out the Soft ‘n Sassy booth!

Tomorrow? The start of the Olympics. Wait until you see what I decided to do. It’s equal parts crazy/awesome.

*So the recap is a bit late in coming. This week has been…. challenging. To say the least. This teething** thing is awful. She’s clingy and unnapped and grabbing at her mouth all the time. Not the independent happy little kid I’m used to. I just feel so bad for her. And it’s tough to do anything else when your baby cries if she’s anywhere but snuggled against you. Also any bets on how long this will last before producing some actual oh I don’t know… TEETH?
trunkshow20100207 011
I don’t need no stinkin’ toofies.

** my footnote has a footnote. GAH. Anyways I have tried all of the remedies. Except for whisky on the gums. You know I love me some whisky… but it doesn’t make my fingers numb when I touch it. You know what does? Baby Orjel. That shit is amazing. When she sees the tube she stopps crying and opens her mouth. Yeah.


  1. We swore by the Hylands teething tablets for the 3-4 weeks of misery before M's first tooth popped through somewhere between 10-11 months. Then the came through nonstop until her mouth was full. Ugh.

    The trunk show was great - I swatched for the baby blanket last night and I'm going to try to finish it as part of Yarn Harlot's Knitting Olympics.

  2. Congrats on the success of the trunk show. Everything looks fantastic! Awww, I feel for Gizmo. Orajel for adults is fab too! Hope she feels better soon. Must put some "sock" money away now for the Tooth Fairy. ;)

  3. Nice pics...wish I could have been there! Maybe on the 27th...

    And ze bebe, she iz so precious! The teething might last longer than you think it should, but you will make it!

  4. Your yarns look great. Any chance you'll make it to Rhinebeck?

    Teething is really trying. My son had just started sleeping through the night when he started teething, and all that helped him were those pacifiers that have water (you stick them in the refrigerator to make them cold). I thought it (and my sleepless nights) would last forever, but she will get her teeth eventually. Like everything else, different kids react differently. My mother claimed I was miserable when I teethed also.

  5. awesome trunk show..awesome yarn!

  6. Hi Jeanne!

    I randomly remembered to check your blog to see how the trunk shows went. Looks like it was a success indeed!

    Oh, and baby Orajel is a mother's best friend! :)


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