February 26, 2010

Two Things

1.) The Destination Yarn trunk show at Stash Style is tomorrow:
trunkshowstashstyle copy

Of course there are all of these reasons to go:
Knit the Rainbow
Trunk Show

Plus Chagrin is BEAUTIFUL in the snow:

The falls are basically right across the street from Stash Style. You should come check it out! I’ll be there from 11-5.

2.) My Olympic Sweater is knit up to the yolk:
02242010 020
I started the colorwork last night and barring any unforeseen disaster it looks like I have a solid chance of finishing. Fingers crossed!

And with that my YoGabbaGabba amused baby time is over... Hope to see you tomorrow!

1 comment:

  1. love me some yo gabba gabba mommy time :)

    way to go on the sweater - it looks great!

    and good luck at the trunk show tomorrow - i can't make it this time, but i know it'll be great!


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