March 21, 2010

30th Birthdays, 1st Birthdays, Finished Projects, Designs, New colorways… GAH!

To say I’m a bit behind on the blogging would be like saying that people are a bit heated about this health care thing. VASTLY UNDERSTATED.

But the day after her 1st birthday my daughter dissolved into a pile of snot and coughing and awful. Add to that my husband’s office move which has left me alone all weekend and quite frankly I’m just in survival mode.

Also how is it possible for a kid to be so miserable and snotty at 3AM but then so happy and wanting to play at 3PM? MOMMY NEEDS A SHOWER AND A NAP. She’s a bit shouty. And sleep deprived. And covered in a snot/vomit cocktail.


I’ll have adorable cakesmash first birthday pics up as soon as I sort them. Until then here’s some shiny thanks to my dad:
Cleveland on St. Pat's
Cleveland Skyline on the morning of St. Patrick’s Day (aka my daughter’s first birthday)

I totally didn’t know they lit the Terminal Tower Green.
Cleveland on St. Pat's
But I’m glad they did.

It looks even better at night:
Cleveland on St. Pats
Cleveland Skyline on the evening of St. Patrick’s Day.
Cleveland on St. Pats
Cleveland on St. Pats
Cleveland on St. Pats
Thanks for sharing, dad!
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