May 23, 2010

Backyard Fun

So there’s apparently been some complaint that I haven’t posted any recent baby pictures. That it’s been… HORROR… weeks since I updated some straight up baby news. So how about some random pictures taken about an hour ago?
0523 2010 013
The disclaimer: I did not clean her up or style her for this photoshoot.  She’s got a nice toddler patina going on and my attempt to make her sunscreen greasy hair cute with pigtails pretty much made it worse.   Also I’m farily certain she’s wearing a boy’s onsie.  Eh. It’s summer.

0523 2010 039
Noone cares, mommy.  I'm cute even covered in animal cracker crumbs.

So she still at 14 months does not walk yet. She’s extremely stubborn about it, actually. She has the motor skills required but she refuses help. Most babies will let you hold their hands so they can take some practice steps. Not this kid.  Her motto?  I DO MY SELF.

Which makes this car thing her favorite toy ever:
0523 2010 003
She pushes it all around the backyard happy as a clam to be cruising on her own.
0523 2010 006
0523 2010 007
She does stop occasionally to practice standing on her own.  Sadly not for long enough to be caputred on film.

She also stops to blow kisses to the birds.
0523 2010 017
0523 2010 027
Or to point at one and say “SEE”

Basically if she hears a bird chirp she points at the nearest tree looking for it. It’s pretty adorable.
0523 2010 034

When she has to get somewhere in a hurry, though, the car will not do.
0523 2010 045
Then she monkey crawls on all fours.
0523 2010 049
Yeah she’s got the getting around without walking thing down to a science. On carpet she crawls, on wood floor she scoots, and on grass or pavement she goes up on all fours.
0523 2010 051
I think she could solve all of those problems by just walking already but she doesn’t listen to mommy. Ever.

0523 2010 036

Whatever. It works fine. Walking is overrated.

The best ever, though is daddy.
0523 2010 083
Because then she can do this:

0523 2010 067
0523 2010 066
0523 2010 065

It’s going to be a fun summer.


  1. incredibly adorable pics and hey - nothing wrong with a lil stubborn 'tude now and then, although you may disagree with me when she's a teenager ;)

  2. She only seems to get more and more adorable!

  3. I'm telling you it's the red hair! LOL She is just adorable!

  4. Yes! I love random baby pictures! And she's always so happy. Does she ever get upset? Or does she not have time, with her kiss-blowing responsibilities?

  5. Yep. . .those were totally overdue, but well worth the wait! What a cutie pie. . .and yes, Daddys are the best toy/transportation device ever invented! lol

  6. Totally adorable!!!! And she's right no one cares if she's covered in cracker crumbs!

    Thanks for the new pictures!

  7. Anonymous6:25 PM

    Can't believe how big she is already! As the mother of two red-haired daughters, I recommend drinks and patience. That stubborn 'tude doesn't go away! LOL


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