June 28, 2010

Destination Yarn Shop Update Monday – Old Friends

So the Shop Update Monday thing has been going wonderfully so far. Last week’s installment America the Beautiful sold out very quickly. Thanks guys! I actually reserved two skeins that will be at the Trunk Show at River Colors on July 17. So if you missed out on the Etsy listing you can still get it there. If you’re fast, that is!

This week I decided to return to my roots.  I spent my first day of child care dying these three colorways:

They are my three biggest sellers.
My mom was knitting with New Orleans at a Soft 'n Sassy retreat.  The owner loved the color and the rest is history.  Getting into that first major  yarn store in the area opened a lot of doors for me.  And this is the colorway that did it.

I know their dye solutions and sequencing by heart.
Yosemite carries my favorite story - one of my customers knit a pair of socks for someone who was going to climb El Captain.  I like to think that whoever did was wearing those socks when they reached the top.

Dying these skeins was like visiting with old friends. Good friends. Friends where you pick up right where you left off no matter how long it’s been since last you met.

Copenhagen was one of my very first colorways. And it was the colorway that put Destination Yarn on the map when it was featured on Anne Hanson and Cookie A's blogs. 

The best kind of friends.

I’ve missed them and hope you have, too!

All three are currently available at Destination Yarn and will be at the upcoming trunks show as well.


  1. Ack! "No yarn 'til Rhinebeck!" Aaaaack! Each time I see Copenhagen I am more and more convinced that I must someday own a skein of that lusciousness!

  2. Yosemite. I wants. Cannot wait for the trunk show!


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