June 7, 2010


So before now all attempts at getting this kid to take any sortof step while not holding on to a piece of furniture have been met with a brick wall of stubborn.   Any bribing/cajoling/tricking/tempting with tasty treats and she just looked at me like “NO.*” 
0527 2010 040

And then sits down. 
0527 2010 045

Nothing has worked.  And honestly I decided a while ago that the more I try the worse it will be . I didn’t want to turn this walking thing into a Battle of Wills.  I just had to be patient and wait for her to decide on her own that it was time.

Today was that day:

Ok so that video isn’t the greatest. She was pretty tired by that point since by the time I was able to sneak away and get the video camera she had done that over and over and over again. The point is that she tried.

And tried.

And tried until she was too tired to even stand. The good side to the stubborn is that when she sets her mind to something she is willing to work at it. I give it 2 weeks before she’s flat out running.


*aka “Bitch, please”


  1. YAY!!! woohooooooooooo!!
    omgosh, so excited about her new determination to walk instead of being determined not to ;)
    we knew she just wanted it to be on her terms!

  2. How exciting...one of these days you will be asking yourself...why did I ever want her to walk!:)

  3. lindy7:40 AM

    Rasa is right! And just wait till potty training!! :)
    I have one of those stubborn girls...

  4. Yay! Very soon you won't be able to stop her from running!! LOL

  5. Pretty soon you'll be saying things like "come back here", "get down from there", and my favorite "sit down!"

    I can't tell you how many times a day I tell my toddler to sit down on whatever piece of furniture she's climbed up on. Walking is just the beginning...

  6. The videos were so great. She is such a hard worker. I'm sure you are right, once she gets it, she is going to be off and you'll never catch her!

  7. Awww that's so great! *Proud blog lurker moment* LOL I've had a sh&*%y week, that made me smile :) thanks! Such a beautiful baby!

  8. Look at her go! Hooray!


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