June 21, 2010

The First Day of Summer

So big things are going on right now at Life in Cleveland. The most notable is that I now have a steady childcare arrangement*. So once a week I’m going to be able to rock out the Destination Yarn. I haven’t been able to do much lately what with a toddler and a husband who’s working insane hours* so this is HUGE.  I’m so, so excited to be back to the dye pots.

It also means that every Monday there’s going to be a shop update.  Today’s offerings?  The entire America The Beautiful Semi-Solid Series:

America the Beautiful Semi-Solid Series
Purple Mountain Majesties, Sea, Shining Sea, Fruited Plain, Amber Waves of Grain, Spacious Skies

I thought that it would be the perfect time to redye these what with the Fourth of July coming up. They are wonderful for any of your more complicated and patterned projects:

Sinuosity Socks designed and knit by Knitting Nonstop (Dawn) out of Sea

And look stunning in lace:

But it’s summer. And I’m not really in the mood for complicated anymore. I want to sit by the pool and relax with some simple stockinet:
Baby pools count as pools, too.

So I took all of the colors from the America the Beautiful series and created this:
America The Beautiful
Available Here.  It’s kettle dyed – which is a different technique than I usually use. I allowed the colors to play together in the pot:
America The Beautiful

 The bleeding and mixing created new, deeper shades and tones:
America The Beautiful
An American melting pot, if you will.  (HAHAHAHAHA I"m lame)

The result is similar to when I tried this same thing last year… but not quite. With this technique things aren’t exactly repeatable. So just like last year this is a limited edition color. I dyed one batch and when it’s gone it’s gone.
America The Beautiful

Happy Summer, Everyone!

*She’s going to hang out with my mom one day a week.  Grandmas?  Are the BEST.

*being an architect pretty much sucks right now.  But he still has a job and a job that he likes so we’re way ahead of the game in a lot of ways.  Despite the crazy hours.


  1. Love the America the Beautiful!

    So, Seth got a little kiddie pool with a whale that acts as a sprinkler. So if Grandma ever wants to bring her over, it's totally fine...whether we're there or not. :)

  2. Drool..... I don't suppose I could convince you to bring a skein of America the Beautiful on Thursday? I'm such a sucker for your colorways.

  3. oh my god this is GORGEOUS! I love it!

  4. Beautiful yarn! I really love the kettle dyed one. Can't afford one now, but hopefully you'll try some more through out the summer and I'll be able to grab one! :)

  5. Love this series of colors!!! Glad to see it coming back!

  6. gahhhh - your yarn is GORGEOUS!!!

  7. Your yarn is LOVELY! ; 3; Such beautiful colors. Hope you get to have more enjoyable pool time =)


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