June 6, 2010

Going Green (because I'm cheap)

So you know what’s really expensive?   Swiffer wet covers. You know what I buy a lot of because I have a toddler who refuses to walk and no dog*?  Swiffer wet covers.  So I did a little Ravelry-ing and found this pattern.

FREE PATTERN: Ballband Dishcloth Reusable Swiffer Cover

And a few hours later had this:
swiffer wet cover.
I knit it in Sanguine and Azure kitchen cotton because I just got the ten year anniversary invite for my fraternity and I’m excited about it.  I was a charter member of my chapter so seeing that little project make it to 10 years is pretty cool.  Besides why not have a swiffer cover in Alpha Rho Chi colors?

swiffer wet cover.

Although don’t look to closely – the seams basically suck. Whatever. It’s a mop cover. Didn’t need to be pretty.
swiffer wet cover.
Although it kindof is anyways...

Here’s what it looks like after I used it in the living room/dining room/hallway:
swiffer wet cover.
Yuck. But Yay! It did a great job:
swiffer wet cover.
I figure if I knit 4 of them I’ll have enough to clean my entire house without giving PnG any more of our hard earned monies.

I’m calling that a win.

Also a win?
060310 011
Summer.  Although the 5 teeth she's getting right now AT THE SAME TIME have put quite a damper on our style this weekend.  I forgot how brutal back to back to back to back to back sleepless nights are.

*any house cleaning advantage of not having to deal with dog fur is completely canceled out by the crumbs. OH THE CRUMBS. And lets just not even speak of the area around the high chair. Ugh.


  1. I have a swiffer I never use because I am too cheap to buy the disposeable covers. . .you may have inspired me here! And I hope those teeth are quick in making their appearance. . .teething hurts!

  2. Oh my do you have good timing! We are just getting to that stage of high chair tossing, so you know I'll be heading on over to Rav to get that pattern next.

  3. OK now I HAVE to make some of those!


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