June 9, 2010

Just some more adorable.

So you know what’s even cuter than one little pillowcase dress?
Pillowcase Dress 066
Three Pillowcase Dresses!

That’s kindof all I have to say about it. Except that this time I felt confident enough in my sewing skills (or lack thereof) to actually buy fabric.
Pillowcase Dress 077

Although my the fabric amounts / sizing of pillowcase dresses are… iffy… at best. I ended up with WAY more fabric than I needed. Enough to make a reverse dress, too!
Pillowcase Dress 082Pillowcase Dress 081
But then I realized that my dresses were ridiculously large. Like they probably won’t even fit her next summer they are so ginormous. Not sure why I thought I had a 5 year old when I cut the fabric but whatever. She’ll wear them eventually. And in the meantime I had enough scrap left for a dress that fits her now:

Pillowcase Dress 022
Yay for way over estimating yardage!

Pillowcase Dress 001
Whatever you say, mommy.  I'm pretty sure this is just going to get in my way...

Pillowcase Dress 012

The ties are a bit small on the now dress… I may replace them with ribbons:
Pillowcase Dress 048
Probably not, though. They get the job done.
Pillowcase Dress 039

Pillowcase Dress 038

Pillowcase Dress 029

In other the baby is cute news… check her new trick:

She can climb in and out of a rocking chair! Thrilling, I know. If you want even more thrills there’s a few more videos of it on Flickr. Honestly I’m just crazy excited about this because it’s another step on the path to walking and standing. Yay for walking!!!!


  1. Nice! Your videos of her have brought huge, red-headed smiles to me all day today! Yay! She's walking, and we all know that she "rocks," even without the chair!

  2. What a great idea!!!
    I must make one for my up coming Grandaughter.

  3. dresses=awesome
    video=wickedly awesome
    this blog post=super-fantastico :)

    seriously.. i love her lil in and out trick.. and i love her :)

  4. I am in a gang called the riffs, ya know what I'm saying, we got a message for yall, say NO to the Karate Kid, join my movement, check it out on my blog

  5. She's just too adorable! I agree with the comment above, the video definitely brings smiles.

  6. Anonymous7:35 PM

    Love the dress!!

    Of the video Peanut says, "watch dee-dee-ah again?" Your daughter has a fan club.


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