June 23, 2010

A problem and a solution.

So my kid has these three adorable onesies for summer:
06122010 003
Problem is that I’m not really a just a onesie kindof a mom. It’s cool for sleeping in but I don’t want to take her out and about without pants on. Not ok with that. Because, really, pants always beats no pants. May as well start that rule now along with the “You will eat what we eat when we eat it I’m not a short order cook and this isn’t grandma’s house” rule. So I thought that with my newfound sewing abilities it would be fun to try to make her a little skirt to go with them. I pulled out one of her skirts to use as a “pattern” and noticed that it was about the same size as a fat quarter…

And the wheels started turning.

Would it be possible to make 2 skirts out of nothing but 3 fat quarters? And could I make those skirts match all of these little onsies?
06122010 010

Yes. Yes I can.

06122010 040
It was a pretty simple process. Cut, sew, elastic, done.

06122010 044
I will model this onesie without even putting it on.  I am that fierce.

And they turned out completely adorable.
06122010 029
I like wearing skirts. They are fun to play with.

The best part is that I used up every scrap of fabric that I bought. That’s new for me. I usually walk in to the fabric store, get all giddy with the possibilities, spend an hour lamenting fabric choice, and then walk out with about a million more yards than I need.
06122010 037
Whatever, Mommy.  That's how you build a fabric stash.

I will absolutely be making more of these!
06122010 050
I'm ALLDONE with this modeling gig.

Oh and in other news I figured out the “Networked Blogs” thing. So if you want to follow Life in Cleveland via Facebook there’s a link on the sidebar.


  1. Oh my goodness! That is such a cute idea! I need to file that away for the future :)

  2. Adorable AND efficient? You win! ;) (PS I love the onesie/skirt look, too. Gotta keep this idea around for a custom version, thanks!)

  3. Genius! They are adorable.

  4. she is fierce.

    good rules.

  5. Cute! I'm firmly in the "you must wear pants out of the house" kind of mom too.

  6. These are ADORABLE! And I like your rules about pants and dinner! If only more people would do so...

    I sent someone to your shop this morning & she liked it! Hope she picks something up!

  7. OMG so cute. I would never come up with these things! She's the best dressed kid around - not to mention the cutest :)

  8. You, madame, are a genius.

    And wow, does someone little look a lot like her Aunt Megan.

  9. Love, love, love!! Heres something I learned: a 45" wide fabric (standard width) is the perfect size for a toddler/preschooler skirt (obv the smaller the kid the more full/gathered the skirt). If you only purchase the length you need (about 1/3 of a yard or so) you don't even have to cut! I can whip out a skirt in about 30-45 min these days. Plus even super-spendy fabric is affordable at 1/3 yard. Also, google "Oliver+s lazy days skirt" for a super-easy ribbon hem detail.

    Once I look it up I'll send you instructions for a great "smocked" sundres or tunic.

  10. so cute.
    so jealous.
    so excited.. that i no longer have to worry about keeping up w/ you on twitter cuz your blog is gonna find me on fb :)

  11. Those are absolutely adorable!!!

  12. Those are AWESOME. Too cute, and a great solution to pants beats no pants!

  13. Sometimes no pants is good. . .but never in public! Great job! Sooo cute. . .

  14. So cute!!! The skirts and the model! I love that I can follow you on facebook now!

  15. I love seeing more of your sewing, it's simple and well-executed. Also, good rules.Pants should seldom be optional.

  16. the skirts are so cute! I need to get my toosh in gear and sew (and knit and spin....LOL)

    I can't wait for your trunk show, are you going to be able to get out there one day?

    Also we need to get together to knit....anytime you want is cool with me.

  17. I hear you on the whole must wear pants. I'm the same way. And with skirts and dresses she must wear a diaper cover. I can't stand seeing a diaper hanging out!

    nice work on the skirts little lady!


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