July 19, 2010

Destination Yarn Shop Update Monday – Trunk Show!

So there’s no shop update today because all of my inventory is at River Colors. It looks a little something like this:
Destination Yarn Trunk Show
So. Much. Yarn!

The show on Saturday was great. I had a super fun time, met some wonderful people, and ate a delicious chocolate chip and sea salt cookie from Blackbird Baking Company.
Destination Yarn Trunk Show

Thanks to everyone who came! It was so nice to meet all of you – even the stalkers out there (HI! Waves!). I wish I had thought to take pictures of actual people but I was too busy giving my schilling yarn:
Destination Yarn Trunk Show

It’s fun at a show like this because every one of my colorways has a story behind it.  So there’s lots to talk about.
Destination Yarn Trunk Show

The Cleveland Craft Coalition’s show was pretty awesome, too. So much creativity in the area! It’s inspiring.
Destination Yarn Trunk Show

Shannon Okey was also there Sat signing copies of her new book.   Really a great day all around.

Destination Yarn Trunk Show

But – the Destination Yarn Trunk Show isn’t quite over yet! The display will be at River Colors through Saturday July 24. Here’s 3 reasons to check it out...

Day At the Spa – a new kettle dye from the Travel Experiences Series:
travel experiences 441

Surfing Lesson – another new kettle dye from the Travel Experiences Series
travel experiences 475

Annie Oakley – I dyed this specifically for a store. They no longer carry knitting supplies so I’m free to sell the colorway wherever. It’s available for the first time outside of that store now at River Colors!
Annie Oakley
All three of those will eventually make it up on the Etsy site so if you aren’t local don’t dispair!

The etsy shop will be down until next Monday when there will be a giant huge mega update. Until then I’m enjoying some serious knitting time!
phonepics 056
Excuse me?  Knitting time? Aren't you forgetting someone here?

Or... toddler / puppy time. They are quite the pair.  My child’s latest word is OUT. So she goes to the back door, stamps her feet, and screams OUT OUT OUT OUT.  Because there’s nothing more fun than playing outside with your doggie.
phonepics 051
You're not supposed to drink the water!  You're supposed to splash it.  Like this.

phonepics 055
Yeah I didn't really want to get in there either.

phonepics 052
What should we do now?


  1. Love the surfing lesson yarn!

    Such a good deal that they are getting along so well. She does look like she loves her new friend.

  2. I come for the yarn, but I stay for the redhead. :) Looks like everyone is having a wonderful summer.

  3. She and the doggie are so fun! Oh, and the yarn! The yarn, the yarn!

  4. Sandy W7:42 PM

    What a cute pair. I'm sure they keep you on the go.


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