July 26, 2010

Shop Update Monday (barley)

Just a quick update to say that the Destination Yarn Etsy shop is up and running again! I’m a bit low on inventory after an extremely successful show at River Colors but I listed what I have left.  There’s still some delicious yarn to be had.  Including for the first time on Etsy both new travel experiences:

Day at the Spa:
Travel Experiences Series

And Surfing Lesson:
Travel Experiences Series
Also there is one skein of Chartes Cathedral – I know a few of you were interested in that!  I’ve got a huge dye day planned for later this week so hopefully next week’s update will be more fun.

In other news this update is late b/c I spent the evening attempting to recreate her favorite sparkly skirt:
zoo with grandma
Rocking her tulle at the zoo. 

zoo with grandma
The wallaby was impressed with her fashion prowess.

It’s so cute! And it has to be simple, right? Jennifer helped me pick out the fabric:
072610 011

I even found a very, very similar online tutorial here....

Yeah. Sewing with knit fabric? COMPLETELY DIFFERENT than sewing with woven. I kindof knew it would be but the string of cursing that this project has elicited makes me happy that my child was in bed before I attempted it. Also I probably shouldn’t have been surprised when the cheap fabric I was working with melted the second I plugged in the iron. I’ve given up the dream for now but they can’t all be successes. This is a learning process.



  1. Isn't that frustrating, that the simplest things become so difficult because you don't have the right material/tools? I'm sure you'll get it!

  2. Bummer on the fabric. Be sure to check to the fiber content when you leave the store so you know what to set the iron temp for. Cotton can take pretty much any heat setting you have, but synthetics are way less forgiving. :(

    But yay for a successful trunk show! I tried to do my part. When I was in there on Thursday, Erika had set back all the DK weight in Fruited Plain for a sweater. She seemed really excited about it.

  3. So glad you did well at the trunk show, and so bummed that I missed it (my stupid family with their non-yarn plans). . .sigh! =/

  4. boo on the tulle tizzies.. was so hopefully that it was going to be an easy-peasy project, too!

    fyi.. day at the spa and surfing lessons are ranking up there with my other faves right now.. GORGEOUS!

  5. Anonymous11:47 AM

    1. I just found this blog, coming in from ravelry and etsy. Cool, a knitter in Cleveland!

    2. I have a daughter about to turn 1, so it's fun reading your blog. I only dabble in knitting though.

    3. I know this is an old post, but right now JC Penney has these sparkly tulle skirts on sale for a few dollars each in sizes 3T - 5T. I was at the Richmond Mall Penney's, but surely others have them as well?

  6. Anonymous9:44 PM

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