July 12, 2010

Shop Update Monday – Travel Experiences.

This week’s update introduces something that’s been batting around in my mind for a long time now.  The thought that travel can be just as experience based as it is place based.

Sometimes it’s not where you’re going it’s what you’re going to do.

Sometimes that’s linked to a place, sometimes not. Some are universal – like the long trip home while others are random and unique – like the Canadian couple we hung out with in France.

But travel experiences aren’t as solid as a place. Although places change over time they will always have a distinct look – what I try to capture in their colorway:
Chartes Cathedral - available here.

An experience is much more abstract than that. So my precise, repeatable colorways dyed to match photographs of a place didn’t really fit into that concept.
London (currently sold out online but will be at the trunk show on Sat). Colorway is perfect for the place but doesn’t quite describe the experience of blowing off our midterm critiques to fly to London for a long weekend.  I think I’d need a color called “smooth” for that one b/c we did it with our professor’s blessing.

Then I started experimenting with wet kettle dying. This technique gets great results – America the Beautiful, which sold out immediately, was dyed this way. But it’s tricky to control. You never know quite how things are going to come out.

Exactly like a travel experience.

So after that lengthy explanation I am pleased to announce a new series from Destination Yarn.

Travel Experiences Series –
Based on travel experiences and not specific places, these colorways are wet kettle dyed. Colors are allowed to bleed and mix creating new, deeper shades and tones. With this technique colorways are unique and non-repeatable. Just like a travel experience!

The first 3 in this series are all clearly inspired by summer.

Grilling Out:
Grilling Out
Grilling Out

Girl Scout Camp:
Girl Scout Camp
Girl Scout Camp

And my personal favorite – 
More are going to be coming soon. In fact 2 additional colorways will debut at the Destination Yarn Trunk Show this Saturday, July 17 at River Colors Studio. You have to stop by and see them – they are even prettier than the ones I’m listing on Etsy. Really.

Yay for a new technique and new concept!


  1. OK, I am not a knitter, but that is super duper cool! I love the themes, and the colors go perfectly!

  2. I love love love your yarns. I wish I could go to your trunk show, since I am in Ohio this summer before I go abroad, but of course it's during my visit to my friend in California! Are you doing any other trunk shows this summer? I'd really love more of your yarn, I'll be posting soon pictures of my FOs with Chartes Cathedral.

  3. All are gorgeous! Especially liked the cathedral colorway, but it's sold out already.

  4. The new colors are gorgeous!! I'm so bummed I can't make it to River Colors Sat...I was planning on going, then BAM my cousin went and got married a few weeks ago and decided to have her party Sat. in Dayton! Boo Hiss (not really the party will be nice but I've been planning on coming to the trunk show since you announced it!)

  5. THOSE ARE SO BEAUTIFUL!!! I just have to have the grilling out colorway! Sunburn is wonderful too. And Chartres. Well, ok, all of them. :)


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