July 11, 2010


So… I do still knit.. sometimes.. .knidof. Remember when I was going to knit a Monkey out of Berlin?
Yeah… not so much.

I just didn’t like the way the yarn was knitting up with that pattern at that gauge… and I was on a plane to San Francisco with no other needles with me to try. Luckily had thrown my copy of Sock Innovation into my carryon. Hence Wanida:
Berlin Sock

It actually worked out well because I wanted to play along with the Sock Knitters Anonymous group on Ravelry. Their knit along rules for that month dictated that if I had knit a Monkey I had to do another Cookie A pattern instead.

Also this yarn (Destination Yarn colorway Berlin) looks fantastic in this pattern:
Seriously. Love.

The light on the photos is a little wonky since they were taken post bedtime and with a cranky photographer who just wanted to kill some people on the X box.
But you get the idea.

The only problem with these socks is that I kindof hated knitting them after awhile. I don’t even know why. Just a serious case of Second Sock Syndrome combined with the itch to sew instead of knit.
Plus they were complicated enough that I had to think about them. I think the next socks I knit need to be just some basic stockinette jobbies. Nothing complicated. Perhaps then it won’t take me 4 months to knit a pair of socks.
No promises, though.

The Specs:
On Ravelry: Not-A-Monkey
Pattern: Wanida from Cookie A's Sock Innovations
Yarn: Destination Yarn Sock Yarn Postcard – a super-soft blend of Merino and Nylon.
Colorway:  “Berlin”
Mods: None whatesover
If I could do it again: Would knit it exactly the same only would actually work on it so it didn't take me for-ev-er.
Verdict: WIN.

Also a win?  Whiskey Island on the 4th of July:
4Th at wendy park.  Awesome
4Th at whiskey island.
Goodtimes, Indeed.


  1. Wow, you're so right about that pattern being perfect for your colorway! Too bad about SSS. Sometimes I can hardly stand a sock pattern myself.

  2. Ooooo! I like that pattern in that yarn. . .win indeed!

  3. Very cool! Has kind of a psychedelic look to it!


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