August 2, 2010

Shop Update Monday – It’s good to be a girl

Well that skirt I was making last week was just an epic fail:
080210 013
Seriously. Awful. Everything is crooked, it’s way to small on her, and there is entirely too little tulle for the effect I was going for.

080210 014

And of course when I tried it on just to see how bad it was my child refused to take it off.  Of course she did.
080210 003
What? I don’t care if you have “craft” issues. It’s fun to play with the tulle.

080210 002
You're never taking this off of me, mom.

I also feel the need to point out here that her current favorite toy is a shiny, pink purse I bought her at a used clothing sale for 10 cents.
Her pink purse is filled w matchbox cars
She fills it with her matchbox cars.

You know who else I think could rock pink tulle while playing with cars?

Miss Annie Oakley.  So her colorway is now available for the first time ever here on Etsy.
Annie Oakley
It's good to be a girl!
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