November 23, 2010

The Unfinished Hat

So you know when something random completely inspires you? I bought my daughter a shiny new coat at Old Navy a couple of weeks ago when they were 50% off. Clearly she needed a darling new hat to go with it:
11232010 016 copy
Yeah. Super cute.

I knew it had to be an ear flap hat that I could tie on her since she has been discarding her current hats in a heap the second I’m out of reach. Stash diving turned up some lovely pink Mmmmmalabrigo leftover from the Mod Cables Set. Perfect softness for against-the-face earflaps. Then I found some Patons in that same bright turquoise as the coat (I believe it’s leftover from my Norwegian Mittens). So my colorscheme was set:
11232010 001 copy

I started with this pattern – the Cheery Flap Hat – but skulls and hearts aren’t really my thing. Plus the bright pink against turquoise just screamed flowers to me. So I drafted out my own chart:

Of course I did.
I didn’t end up using the colors exactly as laid out on the chart but the patterning is the same.  I also just kindof winged it when I got to the decreases.  I started following a chart but gave up after a few rows and just did my own thing.

11232010 005
Mommy does not like following directions.
The end result is complete happiness. It didn’t take long, it’s super cute, and she gets compliments on it wherever we go.
11232010 002copy copy
I like this hat!  It's as cute as I am.

She even seems to enjoy wearing it!  However I still need to block it, and I think it needs a pom pom on top.  So I'm calling it the Unfinished Hat.

In other news for those of you who are wondering whatever happened to Destination Yarn :

Unfortunately I had to take a pretty extended break as the mask that I wear to dye made me gag. Pregnancy = super glamorous. But I seem to be past that now and I’m back at the dye pots in earnest. I plan on updating the etsy site a whole bunch over this holiday weekend in preparation for Cyber Monday. If you want to be notified when I update you can check out Destination Yarn on Twitter, Facebook, or Ravelry.


  1. It is completely darling! And she is getting even cuter, too. How is that possible?

    Glad you are getting over the random nausea! Onward & upward--or outward, maybe?

  2. That is adorable! And so is she!

  3. So super cute! I'm glad you are getting back to the dying. . .you are amazing!

  4. the hat is sooooooo cute and i love that coat!

  5. Could she BE any cuter in that fab hat and gorgeous smile?!?

  6. That hat is beautiful and your little girl is the perfect model for it. Both look great!


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