December 22, 2010

The Christmas Card Photo

So. Just like last year I thought it would be a spectacular plan to send a photo of the kid for our Christmas card. Right. I also had the grand plan that the perfect picture would involve her and her doggie. Do you see the fatal flaw in this plan? ‘cause I didn’t.

Both the dog and the toddler NEVER EVER EVER EVER SIT STILL EVER.

Right. So I set the scene underneath the Christmas tree (one skein available btw then it’s gone for-eve-er) of the kid reading a nice Christmas story to her dog:
12152010 035
It took me about 3 photographs to realize that there was no way I was going to be able to do this without a flash.
12152010 036
No way. And I really hate how flash photographs look. (does anyone know of any good bounce flash attachments/options that aren’t a million dollars?) Unfortunately by the time I realized this they were pretty done with this experiment:
12152010 026
What are you talking about? I’ll sit still as long as you keep the treats coming!
12152010 056
Well maybe not...
So I resorted to bribary of both child and dog...
12152010 042
Toddler:  MMMMMMM.   Dog:  Wait.  What's that I smell?

12152010 043
Toddler:  MMMMMMMMM     Dog:  Is that CHOCOLATE?!

12152010 044
Toddler:  MMMMMM  Dog:  She gets chocolate and I get dry milkbones?!  Yeah I'm done with this crap.

12152010 038
Toddler:  It's ok, Doggie.  I'll give you a hug.  Dog:  We're so done here.
GAH. So finally I gave up on my idyllic Christmas scene and just followed them around with the camera. I did get a great series of “many faces of the toddler” photos:
12152010 074

12152010 069

12152010 096

12152010 098

12152010 078

Before completely pissing her off:
12152010 093
Leave. Me. Alone.

So I gave up and broke out some photoshop...
Mommy, photoshop can’t fix crazy expressions and blurry photographs.
But gave up that dream pretty quickly.

So this year’s card is …. well..... it works. It’s not as perfectly adorable as last year but it works. And blurry crazy constantly in motion is kindof our life right now so I suppose it’s at least accurate. I’ll post the actual card sometime this week once everyone receives them in person!


  1. It was a good idea in theory! The final picture is darling too, though.

  2. I am sure the card will be well-received, because the subject is always beautiful! This post is just too cute!

  3. blur of toddler movement or not, these are adorable shots!

  4. LOL The pictures are adorable!!

  5. I know how frustrating it is to get the right shot - you'll see with my "eh" christmas card comes in the mail. Between the dog moving and having to get up between shots (because I don't have a remote for my camera), I gave up after like 30 shots and used the best one - though I did tape a mirror to my camera to bounce the flash.

    In the flash vein, what do you consider "a million dollars?" if you want something ultra cheap, do this: A few more dollars:

    If I remember you use Canon (I use nikon) so you'd have to search to see if there are "reasonable" priced flashes out there (I found a Nikon $100 and nikon $200 flash that I asked for christmas).

    Or you can ghetto tape a mirror to your camera like I did (modeled after this item here:

  6. Oh, how perfect! You just told my exact Christmas story (sans dog, too bad for me!), but much funnier than I would have managed! I seriously did the same thing--posed toddler 'neath the tree, quickly gave up and followed her around the house hoping for some usable shot. And mailed them out Monday. Can't wait to see your little sweetie's shot!

  7. I don't know, I kind of like the shot of the pissed off toddler. They're all adorable, though. This should be a fun Christmas for you, since she's old enough to get it a little better. Merry Christmas!


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