December 24, 2010

Christmas Cards

Just a quick note to wish everyone a Merry Christmas and share the final Christmas Card:
Merry Christmas!

Not exactly calm... but still adorable!

Also I completely disagree with Slate that Facebook killed the Christmas Card.  It might have killed the Christmas Letter (I' m fine with that) but I think we got/sent more cards this year than ever before.  Honestly I loved getting them.  And so did my kid!  She carried the photo cards around and would tell me all about the other people.  Super cute.  Although since my grandma has been sending her animal cards all month she thinks that everything that comes in the mail comes from NONNI.

And while we're on the subject of cards I think this someecard is hilarious: - We hope our Christmas card alerted you to how much better our family is doing than yours.

HAAAAAAAAAA!!!  Also why I'm fine with the demise of the letter.... although nothing quite got me laughing like the letters my parents used to receive each year from their friend's cat.  Uh huh.  I looked forward to that one....



  1. Adorable!

    Merry Christmas!

  2. From the CAT! That is something for me to keep in mind for 2011, when my baby will likely be moved out. . .lol! The card is super cute!

  3. I too like the photo cards. Thank you for sharing yours! Merry Christmas...may all your wishes come true!

  4. Such a cute card! Hope you had a fantastic Christmas!!


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