December 7, 2010

Tailgate Hat and Mitts

So… looking for a super quick last minute knit for the superfan on your list? How about a hat and fingerless mitts to wear tailgating?
Tailgate Hat

Simple, attractive, and quick. The perfect last minute gift!
Tailgate Mitt

Both the hat and mitts were knit out of Destination Yarn Souvenir in the colorway Believeland.  One skein will make both!
Tailgate Hat and Mitts
I used size 6 needles – perfect for fast knitting but still small enough to create a fine fabric.

The Tailgate Hat and Mitts pattern (rav links) comes free with purchase of one of the Sports DK colorways!

Right now I have these three in stock:
Sports DK
Believeland, Sixburgh, Who Dey
I did have some Columbus but sold out of it immediately. Apparently Ohio State fans are the most hard core of the group. Who knew?

In other news I finished up my current Drive Thru (Can’t. Stop. Knitting. This. Pattern.) and am looking for something new to knit. Think I could pull off this hat?
I’m not really a beret person… but this is adorable.

It's the 16 cable hat... I bought the pattern but am still debating... I do have some lovely alpaca... hmmmm....


  1. I would love to see you knit that! I want that hat, too!
    BTW, Believeland? perfect.

  2. Jenny, Ali and I have all knit the 16 Cable hat...quick and easy! not super Beret-y either!

  3. I love the names for those yarn! Although I have to admit that after living here for three years (and being married to a sports junkie) I have yet to attend a single Browns games. I have a thing about sitting out in the cold. :)

  4. I hardly wear the hats I have, but I LOVE that pattern and am totally planning to add it to the collection. The collection of hats gathering dust. It's a sickness.

  5. "Believeland," that's great!

    As a former Browns fan and now a Lions fan (after 35 years in Michigan), I feel the pain but not the hope, ha! ha! Maybe you could come up with a Lions' colorway and call it "Here, Kitty, Kitty!" ; )


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