December 8, 2010

Test Knitter?

So… anyone want to test knit this for me?
Baby Hat
Yeah that picture was taken a loooong time ago. This one has been languishing in my sketchbook begging to be written up for months now. But I think I finally have it sized and typed and ready to go!
Baby Hat

Here are the details:
Pattern: Leatherhead Hat. It’s knit in the round and features a really cool cable pattern. It’s completely made up of twists so there’s no cable needle necessary!
Sizes: Baby, Toddler, Child, Adult. I’m fine with you test knitting whatever size you want.
Yarn: Pattern is for Destination Yarn Souvenir but I’m fine with you knitting it out of whatever DK weight yarn you have handy.
Timeline: Soon? I’d like to get the pattern up for sale ASAP but I’m open to whatever.
Compensation: Both a working and a final copy of the pattern in .pdf form along with a coupon for 10% off one order of Destination Yarn. Also you can keep the final project. I’m only looking for feedback and not the actual item. I think this hat would make an adorable Christmas gift!
Baby Hat
Let me know if you’re interested!

Baby Hat
Can I take this off now, Mom?

Updated to add:
THANKS SO MUCH! Between this blog and twitter and the Destination Yarn Facebook page I was inundated with test knitters. You guys rule! But I think I have enough now. I’ll definitely post here when the pattern is available for sale on Ravelry. Hopefully soon! Until then you could always just use bubbles for a hat:
12082010 033
I love to smile for goofy pictures like this one but for the Christmas card? GOOD LUCK WITH THAT, MOMMY.


  1. I would love to test knit this for you! Contact me at

  2. I'd be happy to test knit for you Jeanne. This could push me to knit something for my 2 year old niece before Christmas. The pattern looks super cute!

  3. Kaitie Tee can you please send me your email address?

  4. I'd be happy to test knit it as well. I know a toddler who would look cute as a button in this. Let me know at

  5. aww.. old school pics of that lil redhead make my heart smile :)

  6. Very cute pattern!!

    Also are you going to knit night on Thursday if there is knit night? I may try to come after The Chicken's Basketball game....maybe, as long as the roads aren't crap.

  7. Anonymous12:19 PM

    I'd like to test the adult version if you don't already have a tester.
    email me at
    Thanks, Michelle

  8. Wait till you try to get 2 posed for a Christmas card...impossible! Use the goofy pic and it will make everyone smile :)

  9. not an offer to test-knit, but a thank you for the pattern for 75-yard fingerless mitts that you posted in March, 2008. I linked to that post from another person's blog -- Thanks again.


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