January 24, 2011

Blue Monday Knitting Roundup

So today is the Most Depressing Day of the year. No, seriously. Something about the time since Christmas combined with the weather and the fact that it's a Monday and... blah. So you know what makes me happy when it's cold and bleak and yucky out?

Yarn on Sale.

So for today and tomorrow only everything at Destination Yarn is 10% off! Just use the coupon code 20BLUEMONDAY11 when you check out!

I've been in a blue/gray mood with my knitting lately, too.  Check it out:

Earl Gray Socks in Portland, Maine
Earl Gray Socks

Socks of my own Design (hopefully I can release the pattern soon) knit in Helisinki, Finland
Helsinki Sock
Helsinki Sock
Helsinki Sock

Owls baby vest knit out of Rainy Afternoon DK weight combined with leftover Sea. I'm really liking this one since it is knitting up quickly using only one skein. Love the one skein projects!
Owls Baby Vest
Owls Baby Vest
Oh and yes, I know. Steelers fans are decidedly NOT depressed today. I have something for them to celebrate with, too:
Sixburgh DK. 

There should be plenty of time before the Superbowl to knit up a quick Tailgate Hat and Mitts!

I did tell Matt that even if there is a correlation between me being hugely pregnant and the Steelers going to the Superbowl I have no intention of having ridiculous amounts of kids.

Also if you distract your toddler with Nutella for breakfast so that you can photograph your knitting REMEMBER TO PUT A BIB ON HER:
Lesson.  Learned.

Happy Blue Monday, Everyone!


  1. Anonymous10:33 AM

    Love the new sock pattern! The new baby will look very handsome in his new vest, too. - ConnieB125

  2. Love Nutella! Blue Monday is pretty cool, too...can't wait to see that pattern!

  3. OH That sock you are working on is very cool! Love the Cables!

  4. I like the Believeland colorway. Have you considered creating an Indians one? With the way this winter is going, it might be hand knit wearing weather on opening day.

  5. I get that look on my face when I have Nutella, too. ;)


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