January 28, 2011

Cha-cha- changes

So like the new look? I've finally updated my blogger templates and such for the first time since around 2005ish. Yay! I'm still messing with it all but this is a step in the right direction.

In other big changes news:
Helping daddy take down the crib.
Helping Daddy take down the crib
Yup. She's in a big girl bed. It's been... well it's been a transition. Some days it's awesome. Others not so much. But we're getting there.

I am making my MOM crazy with the not napping.
Although I am happy to report that the things I was really worried about - like her wandering around in the middle of the night getting into trouble - were completely silly. Seriously. She isn't an idiot. She's just a toddler. I don't know why I thought she'd turn into somesortof demon spawn who pulls down furniture and plays in the toilet or whatever just because it was nighttime.
I'm not a demon child.  I just require my OH WOW skirt if you ever want to pry my RAWR (dinosaur) pj's off of me.

Also she HATES being baby gated into her room almost as much as she hated the crib so we decided to give up on that plan pretty quickly.
She hates all baby gates, actually.  "OUTOUTOUTOUTOUTOUTOUT"
So far the worst she's done is stand at the bottom of the steps (our bedroom is upstairs) yelling MOM MOM MOM MOM at the top of her lungs. Not exactly horror movie material.
Seriously, why do you want to make me into a demon spawn? I'm a good kid!
And I'm super excited that she's becoming a Big Girl. A couple people have asked me if her growing up is making me sad. No. Not at all. There is so, SO much to look forward to that why would I be looking back? Each phase has been even more fun than the last so I can only imagine how much fun the future is going to be. Also I think being a Big Girl will help her cope with the way her world is about to be rocked. Speaking of which her sibling is now the size of a squash:

Yeah. It's going quick. This baby moves alot more than she ever did. Well maybe it's not the quantity but the size of the movements. Picture what would happen if you put a cat in a pillowcase and you get an idea of what's going on in ma belly. Also this kid is WAY hungrier than my daughter ever was. Seriously with the FOOD NOW MORE FOOD NUM. And can I have some more ice cream, please? NOW. Yet oddly enough I'm not gaining weight the way I did the first time around. Aaaah pregnancy, you are so damn weird.

Have a good weekend, everyone!


  1. I also craved ice cream like never before...which is why I'm surprised the gals at DQ don't know me by name coming in with my BOGO Blizzard coupons all the time.
    I'm trying to go through detox with the ice cream, but it's so damn hard. I NEED it. I'm jealous that the scales are being nice to you...was not my luck with either pregnancy. Good for you!
    11 more weeks! yay!

  2. I remember, as the kids were growing up, I always thought to myself, "This stage is the greatest!" Then I would think the same about the next stage, too! You are right to treasure every moment...and if the baby wants ice cream, who are you to argue, really?!?

  3. Like the new template. I have sheets with the same design on them from Target!

    Once my toddler left the crib all napping stopped. I just gave up fighting with him.

    With the 2nd baby (mine is 8mo) you will be sad when they grow. I am finding that I appreciate the baby phase a lot more the 2nd time around. But he's such an easier baby than the first - that could also have something to do with it :)

  4. I had to giggle when you said she yells from the steps. My cousins little boy (still in his crib) yells..."mommy, your baby's up! come get your baby". Funny how they pick that up so quick.


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