February 25, 2011

New Base Yarn!

So tomorrow Destination Yarn will be having a trunk show at Yarn Cravin'  Are you excited?  Because I am. The thing I"m most excited about?  I"m debuting a brand new base yarn.
This next-to-skin soft base of 100% superwash merino wool is soft, durable, and sproingy.  The tight twist makes it durable enough to handle socks while the springiness makes it soft enough to be appropriate for lace and other garments.
In a word this yarn is SPROINGY.
Brand New Base Yarn
Pictured in the colorway Lake Erie
I named it "Letter" because it is a bit thicker than my "Postcard" base.  While still a Fingering Weight it is 400 yards per 100 gram skein.  It knits up at 7-8 stitches on a size #1-#3 needle.

Brand New Base Yarn
Pictured in colorway Paris Night
Picture a Koigu only superwash.  Yeah.
Brand New Base Yarn
Pictured in the colorway Helsinki, Finland
It soaks up the dye like a sponge allowing for just fantastically vivid colors:
Brand New Base Yarn
Pictured in the colorway Chartes Cathedral
I've been searching for this type of yarn for a long time. 

Right now I'm offering it in a selection of my standard colorways in addition to my usual Sock Yarn Postcard base.  However it won't be available online until after my show this weekend.
New Base Yarn
Top Row:  Chartes Cathedral, Helsinki, Copenhagen.  Bottom Row: Lake Erie, Ireland, Paris Night
Yay for sproingy yarn!


  1. love the word sproingy! and love your yarn! wish i could afford to buy buy buy and then pay you to knit something with it since i have temporarily lost my knitting mojo :o/ i think helsinki and lake erie are my two new faves!

  2. i am SOOOOOOO glad i'm helping set up 'cause a skein of that in helsinki has GOT to be mine!!!

  3. I wish I could make it tomorrow since I'm from Toledo and I am totally loving that Lake Erie colorway! Drive careful!

  4. Looks great - I love the vivid colors!

  5. Sandy W5:11 PM

    I love your new yarn. I think I hear Lake Erie calling to me. Have a good show.

  6. Thank you so much for coming to our area -- I can't wait to knit up Helsinki!

  7. So happy to have gotten to meet you in person, Jeanne! Your yarns, and especially the new base, are gorgeous! xoxo

  8. Helsinki! My goodness, that is a mighty pretty colorway :)


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