February 24, 2011

New Colorway - IRELAND

I've never actually been to Ireland. However it is, hands down, one of my most requested colorways. Apparantly there's something about it that just screams to be turned into yarn. So I turned to my favorite yarn research tool - flickr - to see what was up:

And immediately I got it.
1. Beautiful Ireland, 2. lush irish valley, 3. Lush Green Grass, 4. 199603 254 Ireland - Co Kerry

GREEEN. And not just green. But that very specific Emerald. It's... breathtaking. And that's just from the pictures. It must be even more vivid and lush in person. I think I captured it in yarn, though:

Ireland is now available at Destination Yarn

Just in time for Saint Patrick's Day.   And while this is not a true semi-solid I think the tonal nature of this colorway would hold up well to patterned stitches.  Celtic knots, anyone?
Also I will have this at my Trunk Show this Saturday at Yarn Cravin' - along with lots of other fun new things. Hope to see you there!


  1. Lovely! But you're making me so sad--my brother and his wife and soon-to-be baby live in Ireland. It is beautiful, just a little bit too far away.

  2. YES PLEASE!!! :D so excited to see you saturday! :)


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