February 7, 2011

No Sympathy: A Cleveland Fan's Reaction to last night.

So I am a Cleveland fan. However because my husband loves the Steelers and I love my husband last night (and throughout the playoffs) I was rooting for the Black and Gold. I cheered every pass and cursed at every turnover. I did this while wearing my Browns shirt, but if we had been out I would have represented like I have in the past. However when they lost and Matt got all angry/depressed I had only one thought in my mind:

I feel no sympathy for Pittsburgh fans.

Zero. Zip. Zilch. Nada. I have no desire to console him or wipe away his tears or whatever crap a better wife would do. Because you know what? Pittsburgh fans have nothing to complain about. NOTHING. At all. Here's 3 reasons why:

1.) City of Champions. So you know what makes the sting of today alot more palatable? The fact that now they get to watch the Penguins in the hunt for the Stanley cup. Yeah. They have not one but TWO franchises that are actual contenders. Not only that but once in recent history they have had a TWO championship year (it's not the first time that happened, either). Two Championships. In one year. Feel any sympathy yet? Because I know quite a few Clevelanders who would sacrifice a body part for ONE champion team. Of any kind. One trophy to raise, one ring, one time on top. Let alone two in one season.
Steelers Superbowl in Pittsburgh
Pittsburgh the night of the 2009 Superbowl b/c I can't have a post w/ no pictures.
2.) Sixburgh. The Steelers have been to the superbowl 8 times and have 6 superbowl wins. That's more than any other team in the NFL. Some teams have never even been (waves, fistbumps Detroit). So today while they are nursing their wounds they can ease the pain by remembering all of that glory.
Steelers Superbowl in Pittsburgh
Some teams/cities would love to be able to hold up even one finger.
3.) Fair Loss. They lost to a legitimate team in a legitimate way. The Packers worked hard to get the chance to play in the big game. They didn't just buy a championship in last ditch effort to legitimize their new franchise. It wasn't an embarrassing loss. The Steelers were straight up outplayed by Green Bay. They didn't lose in such spectacular and soul crushing fashion that it would be sure to be replayed on sports highlights for decades to come like the shot or the drive, the fumble, or even, shudder, the decision. So, again, while they are lamenting last night they can at least know that the team that played better won.
I'm not saying that Pittsburgh deserves to lose, and I'm not saying that I'm bitterly rooting against them. I just have no, and will have no, sympathy for any of their losses. I don't even want to hear about it. Because as a whole - even the day after a superbowl defeat - it's not so bad to be a fan of Pittsburgh.


  1. Well, I for one and for similar reasons am thrilled Pittsburgh lost! Great post! ;)

    And I'm liking the new blog design!

  2. I didn't care either way. I'm more in it for the commercials, which btw were not that great again this year. I too like the new look.

  3. I agree 1000% If you thought Matt was pissy you should have seen his Dad. The year I moved to Pittsburgh (1977) they won the Superbowl, the Stanley Cup AND the World Series. It was awesome.

  4. It was a well played game...I don't feel sorry for Pittsburgh fans. They should try to be Cleveland fans...we are used to just saying...well there's always next year:)

  5. Leslie6:53 PM

    Go Penguins!

  6. Well put!! I told my husband about your post and he was uber-impressed with your 3 points. Being a Lions fan, he also appreciated your fist bump :)

  7. lindy7:41 AM

    Amen sister! It was a well played game. My family and I were in Pitt a couple summers ago and my teenage son was cringing at every step b/c that year they won Super Bowl and Stanley Cup and everwhere we went were "reminders" of that. :)

  8. Anonymous6:35 PM


    a Pittsburgher who fell asleep before the end of the Super Bowl (don't tell Matt!) knowing Monday morning it would still be hockey season

    PS - but in this house, college football is king, and that's one you've actually got on us. boo buckeyes!

  9. Sandy W7:01 PM

    I have lived in Green Bay all of my 53 years and have always been a Packers fan. We were so happy to see them win Sunday p.m. after all of the injuries this year and everything that Aaron Rodgers went through with the Favre issue over the past few years. It's 9 degrees out with a -9 windchill right now and they just wrapped up the welcome celebration at Lambeau Field with about 56,000 in attendance. The excitement that this team has brought about over the last month, has helped to "warm up" our entire state. Thanks for your comments and now I'm going to go to my DVR and watch the event because I had to work today.

  10. I usually lurk but just had to comment. I am a Clevelander married to a Pittsburgh fan but we also have the unfortunate (football-wise) experience of living in Baltimore. So, yeah, I get where you are coming from and have no sympathy for my husband. I also have no sympathy when Baltimore fans still whine about losing the Colts, since I can think of a city who would love to have the 2001 Superbowl win if they still want to cry about the Colts.

  11. Sandy - CONGRATS! I'm glad a team with such great fans won!

    Amy - wait. Baltimore fans complain about losing the colts? FLAMES.

  12. You are soooo right! I would love to see the Browns go to the superbowl even if they didn't win...maybe one day.

  13. Go Packers!

    (From a Lions/Browns fan, so I have no sympathy for the Steelers... double fist bumps!) ; )


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