February 1, 2011

Snowed In

So right.  We've got snow.  Alot of snow.  And when there's snow it just makes sense for Matt to take the car that's better in the snow and me to stay in.  Wants vs. needs and safety and blahblahblah beinganadultsuckssometimes.  Add to that the one two punch of Matt working all weekend (and late this week) and a toddler who's both teething and battling a cold and I'm starting to look like this:

Only larger.
So before I wrote an entire blog post of "ALL WORK NO PLAY MAKES JEANNE A DULL GIRL" my mom came and did this:

02012011 01

Although the toddler didn't really like the whole sledding thing very much:
02012011 03

snow day
I'd rather pull the sled thankyouverymuch
I think the only one who really likes the snow is Dottie:
02012011 02

She likes being Poofed - thrown into the biggest snow drift possible.  It's pretty hilarious.

Although the one plus of being snowed in is that I filled 5 garbage bags with crap to donate today.  FIVE.  That's an insane amount of clothes to get out of our house.  And it would have been more if I didn't know the potential of used dress shirts.  Also does anyone know of any cute "patterns" for refashioning tshirts to kids clothes?  'Cause I've got lots of those, too.  So that marks the first and only step I've taken to get ready for this other kid that's going to be here in t-minus 11 weeks.  GAH.

Hope you're enjoying the weather!


  1. Nice snow coverage...I guess dogs wear fur coats, so they can love the snow...too cute!

  2. Our weather has been horrible, too. We are experiencing freezing rain in ice age proportions - there is probably 1/2 and inch of ice on my car! So we are iced in!

  3. LOve the picture of Dottie in the snow! my 2 love it too! But they don't like the freezing rain crap! Right now they are both sacked out on the sofa snoring...


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