March 31, 2011

March Wrap up

So March. Yeah. Let's just say as the calendar flips tomorrow all I can think is "don't let the door hit you on the way out" But it wasn't all bad, I guess... A few happy things that have been going on:

Matt turned 31. Ok any birthday that starts with projectile vomit in the carseat* is probably not going to be one for the record books. But I did manage to get the sick toddler to de-couch long enough to make him this:
Happy Birthday Daddy
Happy Birthday Daddy

And to get out long enough to procure a fish fry dinner, Great Lakes beer, and a strawberry shortcake dessert.
Happy Birthday Daddy
So while it certainly wasn't anywhere near the types of celebrations we used to have at least he had a few special things on an otherwise horrible day.

Our daughter turned 2 on St. Patrick's Day.
Turning 2 on St. Patrick's Day
Yeah I'm cool.
Turning 2 on St. Patrick's Day
We weren't able to do anything truly spectacular for her - I mean her presents were glitter glue and construction paper - but I think she had a fun day regardless. She had a playdate with her little friend and then we went out to dinner somewhere with bargames:
Turning 2 on St. Patrick's Day
and bagpipes:
Turning 2 on St. Patrick's Day

She helped me make and decorate cupcakes:
Birthday Cupcakes

And I made her a BOOM BOOM cake and had a candle for her to blow out:
Turning 2 on St. Patrick's Day

We're starting to be ready for this baby.
Holy blue batman!

In the last few weekends we've basically revamped the entire way we live in our house.
HELPING DADDY assemble a desk.
Also painted and redone both kids bedrooms. We're getting there but we're still in the "the rooms we're working on look great but the rest of our house looks like a bomb went off" phase. Expect lots of home improvement type posts once soon. Until then here's a very blurry preview:
Enjoying her new big girl room.
I like my BIG GIRL ROOM.

So yeah... not all bad.  But I'm ready for a new month and some new adventures.

* For a good chunk of time there we were down to 1 functioning car. So any time I needed the car (or to leave the house) I had to drive Matt to and from work. It sucked. Alot. But with everything else going on a broken car hardly seemed worth crying about.

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  1. I'd say April will bring some new doubling the number of kids you have under your roof. :) A very exciting month indeed!


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