March 8, 2011

So yeah... THAT happened.

So what I want to blog about is how awesome my show at Yarn Cravin' was and how amazing the store is and how much fun the day was.  Because seriously those ladies know how to party with yarn.  But since then a few things have happened to completely derail me.  Such as:

1.)  Our toddler had to have her leg reset.  Basically this is completely normal and just happens in certain cases but her leg wasn't healing straight.  So they had to straighten it.  Which in adults means either surgery or a local anesthetic.  For toddlers?  They tell them to be brave and then pull the bone straight while they put a new cast on.  Exactly as painful as it sounds.  So yeah... THAT happened.  Luckily my kid is tough as nails.  She was SO brave and handled it SO well.  Also luckily she has a mom that believes in the Power of Painkillers and made damn sure she had a full dose of her baby codeine before the appointment.  It was still all kinds of awful, though.
The cast hasn't changed her fashion.
Don't let my love of sparkly things and tulle fool you.  I am BRAVE and STRONG.
2.)  I spent the weekend in the hospital.  Best I can tell what happened is that my stomach got kicked by Scipio*, flipped me the bird and screamed "THAT'S IT.  I QUIT.  TRY TO DIGEST SOLID FOOD WITHOUT ME!"  on it's way out the door.  But it wasn't so much the vomiting that sent us into the hospital as the contractions.  Because even when you know it's "false labor"** having 3 strong contractions in 9 minutes is cause for concern.  Especially when at 33 1/2 weeks that would mean a preterm baby and all sorts of scary.  Better to be safe with these things than sorry.  So yeah... THAT happened.  Luckily I was just severely dehydrated and it wasn't anything that hours of "observation", 3 bags of IV fluids and a few doses of anti nausea medicine couldn't handle.  I'm still weak as a kitten (with a 30lb toddler that has a broken leg) but both the baby and I will ultimately be fine.
Baby is only the size of a honeydew and therefore NOT READY TO COME OUT YET.

3.)  Our toddler had (has?) the flu.  Poor thing woke up yesterday with the whole flu package o' fun.  Vomiting, fever, etc.  I basically dodged this parental bullet, though, seeing as I was still in the not on solid foods yet phase of recovery.  Also anytime I got close enough to help Matt yelled at me to get out b/c "the smell is going to make you start puking again!"  So my role was relegated to Find and Kill the Source of the Puke Smell*** later on in the day while Matt got stuck with chunky... parts.  So yeah... THAT happened.  Luckily our toddler possesses magical kid healing powers and by lunch was completely recovered and asking for PIZZA.  She had a rough night again last night*** but now already seems fine.  So... who knows.  I'm definitely holding off on the pizza until I'm sure she's fully recovered, though.

Life around here just keeps getting funner doesn't it?
hanging with the doggie
As long as I have a doggie to snuggle with and some crayons to color with I'm good.  Now where's that PIZZA?

*Long story involving a NCAA tournament style bracket system but our second child is currently being called by the name of the Roman General who defeated Hannibal in the Punic War.  My friends are geeks.

** "False Labor" is one of those medical terms that I'd like to smack the person who came up with.  Because "False" Labor sucks just as much as "True" labor.  It just sucks differently.  It's painful but a different kind of painful.  And there's nothing "false" about that.

*** Big Shout Out to Woolite Foaming Upholstery Cleaner.  That stuff is AMAZING. I discovered it originally in my quest to get red wine stains out of the couch.  Oh how life has changed.

**** Everyone warns you when you're going to be a parent about all of the laundry.  You know what they don't warn you about?  The really gross loads you will do at 4AM.


  1. OMGosh! If I'd have known, I would've jumped in my car and come to help...I'm glad that you seem to be on the upswing, and I hope that all of you are recovering with toddler-speed...

    That toddler of yours is seriously cute...even with a broken leg...and a stomach flu...and especially with the red hair.

  2. Wow! What a rough week! I hope things are looking up and calming down!!

  3. Sandy W7:02 PM

    I think you're ready for some calm time to knit. I know that won't be happening too soon. Hang in there.

  4. Oh, that sounds awful. I broke my arm when I was a kid and while it was set properly, it hadn't healed fully and broke the very day my cast came off. Let's just say, the first break/setting incident not so bad (painful, yes, god awful and scary as hell, no) but the second was hysterics and hyperventilating. It's way worse when you know what's coming. Good thing yours is tough as nails.

  5. eeep! holy moly, woman!!! i hopethis week is much smoother for you all! we had a blast with you here!! ♥

    and i finished my daybreak!! pinned it out to block last night and hope to wear it tomorrow! :D

  6. Whoa! That's too much all at once. Hope you, baby and Toddler are all feeling much better soon. You need a break!

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