April 10, 2011

11 days

So yeah. No baby. I was really hoping for the 9th but this kid has a different idea. Isn't that the story of kids, though? I'm trying hard to stay in the happy place of "he'll come when he's ready" but I'm very, very quickly slipping into the mode of get out, get out, get out, get out, GET OUT. We've made the decision for lots of reasons that if he's not here by the 21st we're going in after him. And as much as a scheduled induction doesn't appeal to me the reality is this kid is posterior. The bigger he gets the less chance I can get him out on my own. Also having a definite end date on the calendar has been... refreshing. No matter how uncomfortable this gets I only have 11 days.

11 days.

I can do anything for 11 days.

I've completely moved out of getting ready mode and am now in the mindset of LET'S HAVE FUN WHILE WE CAN. Literally yesterday Matt was all "we should clean out the cars and start the yard" and I was all NO. Done with that. Let's go the park and to El Business* instead.
We made the right choice.
Even if I couldn't have a margarita (I want one immediately after having this baby. Seriously. Bring booze.)

I've been trying to do super fun things with my kid during the week, too. She had her friend over and they made crowns:
I like how my kid is ignoring me all INTENSE WITH THE CRAFT PROJECT while her friend is smiley at the camera.
My God she looks like Matt.  Startlingly so.

Although it took all the bribery we had in us to get them to actually wear them:
Heh. So yeah... 11 more days.  I think I can find enough fun things to do to occupy us until then.

*El Business = all Mexican restaurants


  1. Anonymous10:23 AM

    Oh my gosh, your daughter is SO CUTE.

    It must be nice to have an end in sight. Hang in there!!

  2. Maybe doing all those fun things will hurry the baby along. Besides, if you'd had him yesterday, you wouldn't have been able to enjoy the great weather today.

  3. Looks like you are making all the right choices. . .good for you! And good luck with everything! You CAN do anything for 11 days!

  4. Hi! Found you here by way of your pattern on Ravelry. Thought I'd send along best wishes and good thoughts for SOON! Speaking as a mother of 4 I can remember getting impatient; I can also remember how soon one begins to feel better once the little tyke is born.

    And I had to pop over and say hi to a fellow Clevelander; I grew up on the West side about a 10 minute walk from the Cleveland Zoo. I live outside of Boston now, but my siblings are all still there. My oldest son is in college in Chicago, so we do stop in now and then.

    Knit on!


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